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British universal columns UC


General section is the most commonly used section in structural steel applications. The vertical side of the common column, also known as H-section beam, can resist the shear force applied on it, and the flange helps the beam resist the load pressure, otherwise it will bend. The load carried by the universal column is transferred and then the force is transferred to the adjacent structural compression members. Their contours, cross-sectional lengths, lengths and grades can be distinguished. You can find two numbers before the general section, for example sheet piling prices. 152 x 152 UC 23, but in most cases, one of them is omitted because they are the same. For example, 152x152x30, 152mm high, 152mm wide, 30KG long per meter.

Unlike general beams, UC widths are roughly equal to their depths. The height of the universal column is always the same as its width, which makes it more suitable for vertical use and supports columns and other loads in multi-storey structures. Beams usually carry vertical gravity but can also be used to carry horizontal loads.  Because of their cross-section shape, they are usually called "I-section" or "H-section". UC universal columns are mainly used for columns, but their depth is smaller than that of general beams, which makes them ideal load-bearing components when height is limited (which often occurs in residential projects).

Cross sections are usually specified by size codes. We can provide a series of common columns, such as EN, BS, ASTM and JIS. Beams are structural elements that can withstand loads mainly through bending resistance. Traditional uses include building and civil engineering foundations, but smaller structures such as truck or car frames, racks and other mechanical or structural systems contain beams. UC parallel flanges do not require conical washers, making connections easier than rolling steel truss (RSJ) flanges with different thicknesses. For example, 152 UC 23 is 152 mm wide and 152 mm deep. The last number (23 in this case) is the weight per meter (kg).


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