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British universal sections

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Universal Beams (UB) is a British structural steel beam specification, which is mainly supplied to the construction industry. The suffix "UB" refers to the British steel beam, which is specially used in the British market. In addition to providing common beams and pillars, the global sales office network also provides customers with the technical and project skills needed for the entire supply chain, focusing on end-users or project supply sheet pile manufacturers. UB universal beam is a kind of structural element that can bear weight, mainly by resisting bending force, which is manufactured according to Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3679.1 structural steel.

We provide a wide range of high-yield, low-temperature product expertise. Please refer to the following size/specification table. For more information about the Universal Beams (UB) we offer or competitive offers, please click to contact us.  Other colours may be provided in accordance with part and quantity requirements.  Traditional uses include buildings, bridges, civil/navigational/aviation infrastructure.  UB steel beams are usually described by their supporting systems, such as simply supported beams, cantilever beams, cantilever beams, etc.

We provide the general part of cryogenic impact testing, standard length from 6 meters to 20 meters, we can provide global shipment. Tata Steel provides girders and columns for construction markets around the world. This key structural component can withstand both vertical gravity and horizontal loads. In addition, FISTCO also provides high quality and large IPE supply. Buyers from all over the country, including the United Arab Emirates, KSA, OMAN and other countries in the region.


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