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Causes of Destruction of Cofferdam of sheet piling

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There are many reasons for the damage of the sheet piling cofferdam. In practical application, the following can be generalized:
sheet piling
1、in the sheet piling structure design and installation process, the lack of attention to detail.
2、the water level and the possible lack of environmental changes to consider.
3、the excavation process encountered in the new situation, there is no timely check.
4、over-excavation during construction.
5、support the design of improper or lack of support (quantity and intensity).
6、in the design does not take into account the role of the load on the support member, such as the role of the support on the walkway, materials, pumps and other loads.
7、structural components on the accident damage is not promptly repaired.
8、piling into the soil depth is insufficient, can not prevent piping or uplift, did not consider the piping or uplift on the impact of pressure.
9、 sheet piling coffer design staff and the theme of structural design, designers have on-site management personnel, or managers and operators of the lack of adequate exchange of information.
In this case,Shun force cold-formed sheet pilings manufacturers believe that many cases, the project may be more than a variety of factors common to the results of the accident.


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