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Celebrating the 24th Anniversary of Shunli Steel Group

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Twenty-four years of hard work and setbacks didn’t break us, instead, they bended us, shaped us and made us stronger. We have made remarkable achievements: the establishment of the tallest building in Binjiang district, the construction of offshore engineering base, the found of Shunli USA and so on. These are all what we are proud of.

Since 1996, Shunli Steel Group has completed the integration of comprehensive superior resource and furthers on the advancement of global expansion. Now Shunli possesses two production bases - Shunli Steel China and Shunli Steel USA.

Shunli Steel China has a production base of 2.8 million square feet. With the great convenience of logistics - next to the Yangtze River, It has developed up to 60 production lines, reaching the annual output of 1,500,000 tons with investment of USD 710 million.

Shunli’s advanced production lines include sheet pile production lines, SSAW pipe production lines, cold-formed steel profile production lines, high frequency pipe production lines, combined piling wall production lines, anti-corrosion coating, welding production lines and clutch production lines.

         In addition, Shunli and Bao Steel have reached a strategic partnership to ensure the quality of the raw materials.Shunli Steel USA is located in the area of the international port - Monroe Port, Michigan, next to the exit of US Highway 75, covers an area of 1 million square feet. Shunli USA adopts the same technology as its parent company.




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