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Characteristic and selection method for pipe piles


Pipe piles are tubular products made of concrete, which are driven into the ground by pile drivers in a specific geological environment. This article will introduce the characteristic and selection method of pipe piles.

Anchored Interlocking Pipe Piles Wall

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Characteristics of pipe piles

  • Advantages of pipe piles

  • How to choose the pipe pile


1. Characteristics of pipe piles:

(1) With high degree of mechanized construction on the pipe pile site, the site is clean and tidy, which can avoid the dirty situation of mud flowing all over the ground on the bored pipe pile site, and the busy scene of manually digging the pile site to pump water and pipe pile soil and move soil, and can continue construction for 24d .

(2) The construction speed of pipe pile is fast, a pipe pile driver can hit at least 7 ~ 8 piles per shift, and can complete pipe pile foundation engineering with the bearing capacity above 20000kN. It can shorten the construction period, create time benefit and reduce the project cost.

(3) During construction, the stress caused by pipe pile compression is relatively small, and the pipe pile body will not appear tensile stress in the construction process. The pipe pile head is generally intact, and it is easy to be re-pressed.


2. Advantages of pipe piles:

(1) The bearing capacity of single pipe pile is high. Due to the high concrete strength of PHC pipe pile, dense sand layer and strongly weathered rock layer can be driven into it. Due to the impact of extrusion, the bearing capacity of pipe pile end is 70% ~ 80% higher than that of undisturbed soil, and the lateral friction resistance of pile is 20% ~ 40% higher. Therefore, the design value of bearing capacity of PHC pipe pile is higher than that of sunk pipe pile, bored pipe pile and manual bored pipe pile with the same diameter.

(2) PHC pipe pile is a combination of lateral resistance and end resistance to bear the upper load. A variety of soil materials such as strongly weathered rock strata, fully weathered rock strata, hard clay layer or dense sand layer (or pebble layer) can be selected as the bearing layer. Moreover, it is highly adaptable to the geological conditions with large fluctuation of bearing layer.

(3) Pipe pile is widely used in a variety of buildings below 60 floors, as well as low-cap pipe pile foundation of industrial and civil buildings, railway, highway and bridge, port, wharf, water conservancy, municipal engineering, structure, and large equipment engineering foundation.


3. How to choose the pipe pile?

1) PHC pipe pile and PC pipe pile is suitable for earthquake and earthquake fortification 6,7,8 degrees area 8 degrees or bad areas important architectural design needs to improve the fortification intensity of 8, should be based on the actual situation and construction pile foundation stress state, according to the mechanical selection of pile type selection index and take corresponding construction measures.

2) The design level of 2 types of  pipe pile foundation should choose AB or AB and product quality level multi-grade or excellent PHC pipe pile; Type pipe piles shall be used for high-rise buildings with more than 10 floors (10) and the product quality shall be superior to AB or AB or PHC pipe pile.

3) Pile type of PHC pipe pile of grade or grade AB or above should not be used except for special measures of joint application AB or above and product quality level.

4) For underground water and subsoil concrete, steel tube pipe pile foundation and weak corrosive environment applications, AB or above and product quality grade AB or PHC pipe pile shall be selected.

5) Groundwater in moderately corrosive environment concrete of foundation soil, should use steel pipe pile foundation, should choose pipe diameter Φ 400 or higher, protective layer thickness than AB or AB for PHC pipe pile and the level of product quality, elegant article (article and should conform to this specification 5.3.6) appropriate uses mechanical quick joint, joint connecting pin and the connection should be coated with anti-corrosive paint box; welding closure, class a engineering design level foundation should be closed by electric welding pipe pile head.

6) On the basis of groundwater concrete and steel pipe pile foundation with high corrosion environment of the application, in addition to the joint protection measures should be taken, for example, should according to the different corrosion medium to choose a suitable special cement and admixture, should choose Φ higher than that of type B 400 or higher, bigger and better crack resistance of the pipe pile reinforced protective layer thickness or special according to design requirements, but the choice of steel pipe pile quality level must be classy article.

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