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Characteristics and Application of Steel Sheet Pile

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Steel sheet pile in the beginning of the 20th century began production in Europe, 1903, Japan for the first time through the import of Mitsui in the construction of the building, based on the special performance of steel sheet pile, in 1923, Japan in the Great Earthquake disaster repair project Import use. As the steel sheet pile has a large market potential and development prospects, in 1931, Japan began production in the country. Steel sheet pile has a cold-formed thin-walled light and hot-rolled type, because the former has a large processing, the use of limitations, therefore, hot-rolled steel sheet pile to become the mainstream of steel sheet pile product development. The 20th century, 50 years, China's first railway bridge cofferdam construction, by the Ministry of Railways Bridge Bureau from the introduction of the use of the former Soviet Union.

Features of steel sheet pile:

High strength, light, good water barrier; durable, life of 20-50 years, can be reused, the general can use more than 5-10 times; environmental effects significantly, in the construction can greatly reduce the amount of soil and concrete The use of the amount of effective protection of land resources; has a strong disaster relief function, especially in the flood control, landslides, quicksand disaster relief; construction is simple, short duration, construction costs have a great savings.

Application of steel sheet pile:

Ship bridge construction; river tunnel excavation; sinking of the railway, groundwater retention; river, river, seawall slope protection and reinforcement; water building anti-scouring; bridge engineering construction: bridge foundation, culvert, foundation excavation Protection, retaining wall.


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