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Classification of combi walls


Combi wall is a new generation of high-performance building internal partition board, which is made of a variety of building materials, instead of the traditional bricks and tiles. Combi walls play an important role in the field of architecture.  This article will introduce classification of combi walls. 


The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Categories of combi walls

  • Internal insulation combi walls

  • External insulation combi walls


1.Categories of combi walls:

As a single material wall used for load-bearing, it is often difficult to satisfy the requirements of high insulation (heat preservation and heat insulation) at the same time.  Therefore, combi walls have become the mainstream of building walls on the premise of meeting the requirements of building heat preservation and energy conservation. Combi walls generally use brick masonry or reinforced concrete as load-bearing walls and are combined with thermal insulation materials. When steel or reinforced concrete frame structure is adopted, the wall is made of insulating material sandwiched with thin-walled material. Common combi walls include internal insulation combi walls, external insulation composite walls and concrete sandwich walls. 


2. Internal insulation combi walls

The practice of internal insulation combi walls is to compound the insulation material on the inside of the load-bearing wall, which is simple and easy to operate, and is widely used at present. Under the premise of full building load requirement, the wall can be thinned appropriately. Thermal insulation materials are usually of low strength and need to be protected by a covering layer. Some of the insulation layer in the air insulation layer, it has the effect of heat preservation and steam insulation. Now more commonly used in thermal insulation technology are: reinforced gypsum composite polystyrene insulation board, polymer mortar composite polystyrene insulation board, reinforced cement composite eps panels, interior wall sticking polyphenyl plate stucco gypsum and wipe with polystyrene particles insulation pulp and anti-crack mortar pressure grid cloth.  Insulation combi walls of insulation structure, generally for dry operation, can speed up the construction progress, improve production efficiency. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) Internal insulation combi walls has low requirements on technical indicators such as waterproofing and weather resistance of finishes and thermal insulation materials, and convenient materials collection. Paper surface gypsum board, plaster plaster mortar can meet the use requirements;

(2) The internal insulation material of the internal insulation combi walls is separated by the floor slab, and the construction is only carried out in a one-storey fan enclosure, which is convenient for construction without scaffolding


3. External insulation combi walls

The practice of external insulation combi walls is to compound the insulation material on the outside of the load-bearing wall. Compared with internal insulation combi walls, external insulation combi walls have the following advantages:

(1) External insulation combi walls protect the main structure, to extend the service life of the building. As the insulation layer of external insulation combi walls is located outside the building envelope, it reduces the stress caused by structural deformation caused by temperature changes, reduces the erosion of envelope caused by harmful gases and ultraviolet rays in the air, and avoids the damage caused to the main structure by rain, snow, freeze-thaw and dry and wet cycles. 

(2) External insulation combi walls basically eliminate the influence of thermal Bridges. External insulation combi walls can not only prevent condensation from thermal bridge parts, but also eliminate heat loss caused by thermal bridge, saving energy. 

(3) External insulation combi walls are basically improved in damp condition. In general, the internal insulation combi walls shall be equipped with an air insulation layer.  When external insulation combi walls are used, the main structure material with high steam permeability is located on the inside of the insulation layer.  Therefore, as long as the insulation material is appropriate, no condensation will occur inside the external insulation combi walls, so there is no need to install an air insulation layer. At the same time, after adopting external insulation measures, the temperature of the whole wall body of the external insulation combi walls structure layer is increased, which can further improve the insulation performance of the wall. 

(4) External insulation combi walls are conducive to maintaining constant room temperature. As the structural layer of external thermal insulation combi walls has a large thermal storage capacity on the inside of the wall, when the interior is subjected to unstable heat, the structural layer of external thermal insulation combi walls can absorb or release heat. 

(5) External insulation combi walls facilitate the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. Compared with the internal insulation composite wall, when the external insulation combi walls are used for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, the biggest advantage is that there is no need for users to move temporarily, which will not affect users' indoor activities and normal life. External insulation combi walls avoid damage to insulation layer by decoration. 

(6) External insulation combi walls increase the use area of buildings. As the insulation materials used in the external insulation technology are placed on the outside of the wall, their insulation and heat insulation effect is better than the internal insulation, so the external insulation combi walls can make the walls of the main structure thinner, so as to increase the use area of the building. 

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