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Cohesive soil of sheet piles site (Clay and silt) survey

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1) Shear strength Shear strength of the test there are two methods: direct shear test and indirect shear test.
sheet piles
(1) direct shear test includes vane shear test is a metal crucible pressed into the soil layer and the application of torque measured by the transmission rod or spring torsion angle, you can get the torque to determine Shear strength of soil:
(2) indirect shear test for undisturbed soil samples, there are two forms: ① triaxial compression test. Cylindrical specimens (undrained under constant lateral hydrostatic pressure and subjected to vertical pressure to shear to the yield point of the material.) This test measures the total stress parameters of cohesive soils: internal friction angle and undrained Shear strength The undrained shearing strength of cohesive soils in the absence of survey data.
When the effective stress parameters are required, a triaxial test of drainage can be used with a low strain rate to ensure that the pore water pressure is completely dissipated. If the effective stress parameters can not be obtained in the triaxial test, the data in Tables 2 and 4 can be used for preliminary design, Effective cohesion ② unconfined compressive strength test. The test is a sheet piles lock using a special portable instrument to measure the shear strength of undrained cohesive soil without lateral pressure.
2) natural moisture content
The wet mass of the undisturbed soil samples was weighed and then placed in a ventilated oven at 105 ° C to constant weight. The mass of the dry soil was measured as wet mass, and the difference between dry soil mass and dry mass Is the natural moisture content of soil.


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