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Cold-formed steel sheet piles retaining waves in the sea wall construction and urban flood control application

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      Built using stone retaining wave wall project cost about 500 million yuan, the construction period of 6 months.
      Through the above analysis and calculation, using a combination of cold-formed Steel Sheet Piles wall system can have significant economic and social benefits.
      This summer National City Baptist floods hit, the whole country has become a topic of concern, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office has organized a research group to do specialized research on urban flood control, China now has 641 cities are facing flood threats institution, there are hundreds every year cities varying degrees of flood disaster occurred. 2013 up to 234 this year, 2016 will be more, but in terms of flood control, there are still more than 300 cities have not yet reached flood control standards prescribed by the state, accounting for half of the total urban flood control more than 70% of the city line insufficient drainage capacity of the system once in a year, more than 90% of the old town drainage capacity even lower limit is even lower than the specification.
      Faced with the grim urban flood control situation, we must broaden horizons, from the well-known Dutch people to build Hom drainage, land reclamation and the famous sea fight, the Dutch word in Dutch is the "lowland" means. The country has 27% of land below sea level, the height above sea level Homeland 1/3 of only one meter from top to bottom, including Amsterdam on a building over 5 meters below sea level, the Great Lakes, the terrain is so low-lying Netherlands often suffer tide , storms, so the Dutch people often reinforced dikes to prevent the invasion of the sea. Netherlands seawall reinforcement of river and city water system uses a lot of cold-formed steel sheet pile. Jiangsu-power Industrial Co., Ltd. annual sales of cold-formed steel cold-formed steel sheet pile to the Netherlands more than a few tons of cold-formed steel sheet pile with its waterproof performance is good, easy access, quick construction, high energy saving, cost-effective in the world, water conservancy construction , marine engineering construction has been widely used. Fully learn from the successful experience of foreign flood control waterlogging, better and more economical for the construction of flood control system in domestic cities is very good for this special to the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the National Disaster Reduction Committee, the State Council and relevant departments recommend the following:
First, the close of the Yangtze River, close to the Yellow River, close to the sea flood-tier cities such as Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities, outside the city using steel sheet pile reinforced levees, the existing levees can be based on the original, reinforced with cold-formed steel sheet pile connection, improve flood control level, which in many foreign countries have successful examples, while steel sheet pile can paint and other surface treatments, the surrounding environment and beautify the city, the urban rich and colorful, like cement rather than as Ice cold.
Second, all within the city water system, by using cold-formed steel sheet pile existing open channel, gutter without expanding the case of ground covers will riverbank shore steel sheet pile 90 ° vertically into the river Andi, expand the effective depth of the open channel drains in the whole city to establish a criss-cross capillary drainage system, and other advanced countries like the Netherlands have successful examples, such cold-formed steel sheet pile constructed urban drainage system, can greatly increase the discharge capacity without increasing the area of ​​the city, does not destroy the overall urban planning.
Third, after the recommended public green and urban planning and construction of public roads, etc. for Parking underground can be cold-formed steel sheet pile constructed capillary drainage system, criss-crossing the wall, this wall can be used as internal tributary urban drainage system , as is the external structural walls purposes. This does not affect the commercial facilities as underground plaza building.
Fourth, the floods this year, Jiangsu Shunda Industrial Co., Ltd. to power cold-formed steel, Nantong, Nanjing and other emergency landslide area offers hundreds of tons of cold-formed steel sheet pile as emergency needs, plugging consolidation dangerous weir, received a good response effect , it is recommended that the national flood rescue key cities should be appropriate to reserve cold-formed steel sheet pile, to prepare for emergency use.
      Extensive use of cold-formed   Z Type Sheet Piling for use in urban infrastructure construction, low cost, short construction period, no pollution, flood control effect, but the steel industry as the country's grain reserves in the ground, as a national strategic reserve materials, has an important strategic significance.


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