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Common Problems and Solutions in Steel Sheet Pile Construction


1 It is difficult to penetrate because of excessive pile driving resistance.

This problem may arise for two reasons. Firstly, due to the deformation and corrosion of the lock groove connected by steel sheet piles, steel sheet piles can not move downward smoothly; in this case, the interlock between steel sheet piles and steel sheet piles should be checked and handled before piling; secondly, the anti-accumulation of solid sand layer is too high; if this is the case, it is necessary to conduct detailed geological analysis to study the possibility of infiltration sheet pile manufacturers, and drive the piles at the same time of water injection. To facilitate sinking.

Sector inclination of sheet pile in moving direction

When the "folding screen method for subsidence" is adopted, the inclination will be greatly reduced. Because the resistance of the interlocking connection between sheet pile and previous sheet pile is higher than that of the soil mass around the empty interlocking with the other side of the pile, the sheet pile cover moves in the moving direction. In this case, it is necessary to keep the interlocking of steel sheet piles unimpeded and to apply grease in the interlocking to reduce resistance; install steel sheet piles on pur bars around the "stop" construction to limit the movement of steel sheet pile caps in the moving direction.

After the fan-shaped inclination of steel sheet pile wall is formed, it should be adjusted as soon as possible. Wedge-shaped pile (narrow top, wide bottom) made according to the measured inclination data should be used to adjust straightness and smoothness. This pile and interlock.

3 Drag into adjacent sheet piles

The main reason for this problem is the excessive resistance at the interlocking connection. This problem can be solved by taking the measures described in the section "Sector inclination of sheet piles in moving direction". Once the trend of "adjacent pile towing" is detected, the towing pile should be welded to the finished pile to prevent the towing.

4 Pile Body Distortion

Because steel sheet piles are articulated joints, distortion may occur during insertion and hammering. Therefore, distortion must be stopped and corrected, or the deflection of the central axis of sheet pile wall may occur. In order to prevent the distortion of the pile body, the "stop" can be installed on the pur bar around the pile in the direction of its movement, and together with the pur bar around it, the "limit" can be formed to lock the interlocking position on the other side of the steel sheet pile installation. It's sinking. It should be noted that the "stop" should be firmly lapped with the pur strip around it, and the grease should be applied to the groove of the "stop" in time to facilitate the settlement of the pile body.

5 interlock leakage

After the steel sheet pile wall is built, slight leakage may occur at the interlocking articulated joints, and permanent structures requiring high level leakage prevention are not allowed.


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