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Construction method and safety technology of Larsen steel sheet pile

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General requirements

1、the position of steel sheet pile should meet the design requirements for groove foundation earthwork construction, in which the most prominent edge of foundation have supported mould and demoulding room.

2、the pit groove of steel sheet pile supporting layout shape should be flat straight, avoid irregular corner, in order to use standard steel sheet pile and bracing. As far as possible around the size of the composite plate assembly modulus.

During 3, the foundation construction, digging, lifting, reinforcement, concrete pouring and other construction work, non collision support, support the prohibition of arbitrary demolition, the prohibition of arbitrary cutting and welding on the support, also should not support on weight.

Two, material, stacking and handling

1、to enter the construction site must wear labor protection supplies basic safety technical specifications for construction personnel, to be familiar with this type of work, to adhere to work, ensure the engineering quality and construction progress.

2、the steel plate pile approach and stacking position should pay attention to ensure the construction site road unobstructed and construction convenience. All materials should be according to the varieties and specifications of stacking neat, safe, no clutter and high stacking; bottom metal and wood shall be added to block, and meet the following requirements:

2.1、easy rolling material stacking must be bound firmly, its height shall not exceed 2m.

2.2、steel, steel sheet pile, stacked steel bars, the height shall not exceed 1m, each layer separated by dunnage.

2.3、storage of compressed gas bottles, should be placed in the oil free, dry, well ventilated, no direct sunlight indoors.

2.4、the loading and unloading operation site should be flat and spacious.

2.5、when using springboard, springboard should be strong and reliable, and have anti slip measures, springboard slope is not greater than 1:3.

3、the steel sheet pile in pile unloading process, the crane under the prohibition of non operating personnel or from the station, and the designated person shall command, at the same time in the field around the surface should be set up warning line.

Three, pile driving machine construction

1、Understand the construction conditions and tasks, and the problems found in the construction and the matters needing attention in the team.

2、when piling steel plate pile, the non operating personnel should be away from, do a good job of warning line, and should have a special command of field operations, to ensure personnel safety. Steel sheet pile in pile, should use the steel wire rope in pile machine, the machine will pile sheet pile about vertical after the steel sheet pile into the soil, to prevent slipping of steel sheet pile.

3、when the excavation depth of about 1 meters, the purlin and corner brace to start the installation, strictly supporting is not complete and the next layer of earthwork excavation.

4、the purlin and corner brace use of wire rope to the installation position, the hoisting process should prevent the purlin and corner brace slide. The purlin should be welded, the weld width is 6mm.

5、the welder should adopt the machine a box a gate "work, in the 6 winds or rainy environment should stop work, or take necessary protective measures of the construction work.

6、in the process of steel sheet pile, the pile machine should be 2 meters away from the foundation pit. Should ensure the squareness and straightness of the steel sheet pile in the construction process, while preserving the purlin close to the steel sheet pile.

7、when the pile and pile cap, the staff should wear safety belts.

8、when the steel sheet pile is completed, should inform the earthwork construction team will be around the outside of the steel sheet pile excavation 1 meters wide, around the earth in order to reduce an excessive stress caused by the deformation of the steel plate pile, thereby affecting the construction.

9、in the construction work of steel sheet pile, hanging around the construction site should do the warning line marks and warning signs, to ensure that the workers and non workers' safety.

10、pile in foundation pit backfill should be completed before, first removing the corner brace, then remove the purlin, the steel sheet pile pulling out, should send someone responsible for on-site command and coordination in the process.

11、because of the engineering requirements, when the need for night construction operations (night construction work time should not exceed 22:30, and make a nuisance to nearby residents measures). The construction personnel should meet the requirements of the auxiliary facilities such as lighting, roads and equipment, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction and the safety of the construction personnel.

13、due to the need for more in the construction process of steel sheet pile in the material, personnel and heavy machinery, so make sure the construction site of the open road, to ensure the smooth progress of the construction and the safety of personnel.

14、mechanical work prohibits the maintenance of machinery, maintenance work.

15、after the pile driver stops, should immediately cut off the power supply, and the maintenance of the machine.

16、After operation, the safety limit device should be locked and the whole brake will be effective.

Before 17, each working day to complete, should clean up the construction site, to achieve the end market.

Four. Excavation of foundation pit

1、after the construction of steel sheet pile, the use of long arm excavator for foundation excavation.

2、in the excavation to 1 meters, the steel plate pile type steel purlin brace.

3、the steel sheet pile support using long purlin type H channel, and uses 300 steel as horizontal support and H type steel purlin welding firm.

4、to confirm the purlin firm support to continue until the bottom of pit excavation, excavation design.

5、after confirming the stability of foundation pit steel sheet pile support, the bottom of foundation pit is artificially excavated and leveled.

6、the excavation of pile wall displacement precipitation, etc., to regularly observe and record the test.

7、after the pit excavation, the edge is generally not suitable for piling up heavy objects, if it is necessary to pile heavy objects, should not exceed the design load of steel sheet pile.

8、Before excavation, the working area should be designated on the construction site, What are the advantages and disadvantages of imported Larsen steel piles and safety signs should be set up.


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