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Construction of geological storage requirements of large-scale sheet piling

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Cold-formed sheet piling have many advantages, in our country a few years ago mainly used to build a bridge or a dock cofferdam. As a new building material has not been perceived by people, in fact, there are many types of projects could be used in sheet piling, such as engineering, construction Quay. With the international development community, cold-formed sheet piling works more and more attention, followed by a large increase in demand for sheet piling storage has become an inevitable trend, today shun force on steel industry and we talk about construction large plate mounted reservoir geological What requirements?
sheet piling storage
First, we set on the sand more complex geology, groundwater level is less than 2m. If you need to build a warehouse break Shizhuang. Large steel structure library, you can use a special force quicksand on the basis of the cut to the base of the outer edge, taking the total capacity of the sand and water holes, equal to 26 warehouses and traditional sand core capacity increased heart content grit Ku Hejia leakage pressure can be seen in the density and increase the cost of playing with sand to increase the flow of revival, not only in the production of dynamic reaction force, with a total investment of only about 1/7 of the traditional position. Wuxi City Heng Wing building is measured, it is in the river during the rainy season was found, and the actual tilt, increased by 1 acre container at the bottom of the reservoir due to the increased 60 mm.
Library body production requirements and the amount of material
In addition to the library foundation treatment outside the body, due to the accumulation of equalization on the basis of the library created in vitro cement pressure additional moisture barrier, because it is connected to the library tower body, there is no need to strengthen measures. At the top of the spherical amorphous steel, and does not require special reinforcement.


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