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Construction steps of Lensen steel sheet pile leasing

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Now engineering quality and engineering safety are getting more and more attention, so we need to use some projects in the construction of the Larsen steel sheet pile, so Larsen steel sheet pile lease has become a engineering industry. But in the lease Larsen steel sheet pile will be involved when some problems, if you understand these problems, the use of Larsen steel sheet when the rental will be more convenient. Then we will come to the following Lace steel sheet pile leasing construction program steps related knowledge.

1、select the appropriate Larsen steel sheet pile, because the Larsen steel sheet pile is divided into many types, such as U-shaped, H-type, should be selected. Choose the right specifications of the Larsen steel sheet pile, it is necessary to know their own needs of the Larsen steel sheet pile size and size, in full to some of the actual size of the specification, to determine the Rosen steel sheet pile to have the required specifications. Before that, it is necessary to do so is to understand the various specifications in depth, and each different specifications need to be applied to the scope must also be known in order to make a more appropriate choice.

2、the choice of Larsen steel sheet pile size should be good after the description of their own and the construction needs and the number of Larsen steel sheet and the construction time requirements, which must be scheduled to good. Assuming that the project takes twenty days to complete, it must be completed before the date of arrival.

3、leasing Larsen steel sheet pile in general waterproof performance, high strength steel sheet pile, its rental prices will be more expensive. But if it's poor quality, then the price will be relatively cheap. Of course, in the use of the effect is not the same. So the price of steel sheet pile rental is based on the quality of the good or bad to decide.

4、the formal construction of the first step is to dig the ground layer of soil, and then is the positioning of Larsen steel sheet pile to determine after the Larsen steel pile pile machine began to work, with a crane to hold Larsen steel sheet pile, And then according to the requirements of customers to start placing the pile, placed when the attention to its location and height, and so on, one by one placed.

5、in the Larsen steel sheet pile before the construction to be fully prepared, including the required materials and on-site inspection, should set up a special department to manage these matters to ensure the quality and progress of construction.

6、Larsen steel sheet pile leasing will make the construction more simple and quick, to ensure complete on time, and will not waste resources, can be reused, there is no time to use, whether it is summer or winter can be used quickly. These advantages also make it to some extent can save money and reduce costs.


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