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Construction tools and notes of sheet pile


 A sheet pile is a steel structure with a linkage at the edge that can be freely combined to form a continuous and tight retaining wall of earth or water. This article mainly introduces construction tools and notes of sheet pile.

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The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Construction tool of sheet pile

  • The choosing methods of sheet pile construction machinery

  • Notes on sheet pile


1. Construction tool of sheet pile

There are many construction machines and tools in sheet pile, which can be divided into the following types according to the different driving methods:

(1) Sheet pile impact into the machine.There are free drop hammer, steam hammer, air hammer, hydraulic hammer, diesel hammer and so on.

(2) The beating machine has a sheet pile of vibration. This kind of machine can be used not only for driving pile but also for pulling pile.

(3) Vibration impact sheet pile machinery. This kind of machinery is in the vibration of the pile driver's body and fixture to set the impact mechanism, in the vibration machine produced up and down vibration at the same time, the impact force, so that the construction efficiency is greatly improved.

(4) Static pressure into sheet pile machine. By static pressure plate pile into the soil, commonly used hydraulic pile press and steel cable winch pile press.


2. The choosing methods of sheet pile construction machinery

1) Sheet pile from running construction smoothly to a large extent depends on the choice of construction machinery, when choosing machinery, in addition to the main considering soil conditions and operation ability, also need to consider playing (drawing) sheet of running the species (sheet pile from running, concrete sheet pile), quantity, size, shape, especially with the weight of the sheet pile length, often the two factors are the main, at the same time sheet pile from running of machinery to meet the requirements of noise, vibration and other public hazards control, and combined with field condition, such as traffic, terrain, scaffolding, and so on and so forth.

Consider the above conditions of sheet pile. The selected sheet pile machine is economical, safe and can ensure the construction efficiency.


(1)  the concave and convex tenon of the sheet pile is flat and smooth, which should be tested and numbered before driving.

(2) the initial pile length of reinforced concrete prefabricated sheet pile (including sheet pile) shall be 2 ~ 3m longer than that of other piles.Corner post shall be installed at the corner.The tip of initial pile and corner pile should be symmetrical.

(3) sheet pile construction should be set along both sides of the sheet pile guide wall, wall wall should have enough strength and stiffness.Sheet pile shall be driven into the surrounding drawing, and shall be checked and corrected at any time.

(4) playing a sheet pile, suitable for convex tenon sleeve concave tenon.

(5) the starting driving sheet pile or hanging pile should be kept vertical, otherwise measures should be taken to deal with.

(6) before driving into the sheet pile, the lock shall be checked and the sheet pile used for permanent works shall be coated with butter or other grease.Sheet and pile should be segmented and stepped, not single block into. For semi-closed or fully closed sheet pile, the number of blocks shall be calculated according to the specification of sheet pile and the closed length to facilitate closure. 

  I hope this article is helpful for you to know about sheet pile. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of sheet pile. If you need sheet pile, please contact us.


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