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Correction method of steel sheet pile

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Steel plate pile correction method introduced:

1, surface defects correction

First wash the surface near the surface of the rust and oil pollution, and then use welding repair method to fill, and then grinding wheel.

2, the end of the rectangle than the correction

With acetylene acetylene cutting the pile end, so that it is perpendicular to the axis, and then use the grinding wheel on the cutting surface grinding repair. When the repair is not large, the direct use of grinding wheel repair.

3, pile deflection correction

The bending of the abutment bend is to fix the ends of the bending part of the steel sheet pile at the supporting point, and use the jack on the gantry top girder to correct the cold bending of the steel sheet pile; the lateral bending correction is on the special correction platform The steel plate pile is fixed on both sides of the bending table, and the jack is set at a certain distance on the side of the bending section of the steel sheet pile, and the cold bending correction is carried out with the jack of the steel plate.

4, the pile distortion correction

Depending on the situation, can be used (3) in the method of correction.

5, the local deformation of the pile section correction

Local deformation with jack jack pressure, sledgehammer percussion and oxygen acetylene flame baking method of correction.

6, lock deformation correction

With the standard steel sheet pile as a locking plastic tire, the use of slow winch traction adjustment or oxygen acetylene flame baking and hammer percussion What are the precautions for the loose Larsen steel sheet piles tire propulsion method to straighten the handle.


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