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Deformation Treatment Method of steel sheet piles Design Wall

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The total deformation of the wall consists of external deformation of the wall caused by the deformation, which does not require the end of tendons and the deformation of the cross-section by the main / passive earth pressure caused by the soil compression has nothing to do: In assessing an environment, A specific shape: the material, because the volume of soil compression is only related to the characteristics of soil, and the walls of the wall deformation requirements. For example, the type of steel sheet piles supporting wall is applicable, the engineering staff must consider where the ring.
In a given environmental conditions, the deformation of the flexible wall in rural areas of the wall deformation standards and in the city center is different from the impact is often the soil after the retaining wall is full, but usually not more than the rigid wall Deformation much larger.
Therefore, the steel sheet piles manufacturers of adjacent structures, rather than the wall itself, the deformation of a lot of researchers on the deformation of the retaining wall were studied: The results show that the deformation of steel sheet piless retaining wall depends on the envelope system Of the overall stiffness and the overall stiffness is determined by the wall and support together, and thus the number of branches less rigid wall deformation is similar.
Although the deformation of the steel sheet piless is unfavorable to the project, compared with the rigid wall, when considering the flexible role of the retaining structure in the design, it will form the soil arch and Stress redistribution, thereby significantly reducing the bending moment. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the strength of the sheet pile wall when additional deformation is allowed, which means that steel sheet piles of smaller cross-section can be used to optimize the cost and minimize the space occupied by the wall.
The wall deformation is not considered in the limit equilibrium analysis. Therefore, if the wall deformation has great influence on the project, it is necessary to check the wall deformation. Choosing suitable soil parameters will usually ensure that the wall will not be too much stress in the soil too much deformation. It is recommended that the effective stress parameter be used, which is the smaller of the standard critical strength or the standard peak strength divided by 1.2, which can be used to deform the retaining wall in medium or hard soils in use Control in the 0,5% of the wall height range. In the overall stress design, the wall deformation can also be controlled within this range if the undrained strength standard value is divided by a partial coefficient of not less than 15 to 1,5.
So far, there are empirical methods to estimate wall deformation, but steel sheet piles is recommended to use soil-structure interaction analysis when wall deformation is controlled, because deformation is to be incorporated into the analysis and the corresponding soil parameters .


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