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Design and Arrangement of Cold - Formed Steel Sheet Piles

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Support Layout of Cold - Formed Steel Sheet Piles
Steel sheet pile retaining structure and supporting the layout of the wall itself has a great relationship between the structural requirements. Genuine mentioned earlier, whether free or fixed bearing support, the calculation method will directly affect the bending moment, shear and support reaction force. , The location of the cold-formed steel sheet piles supports the bending moment of the wall and the supporting reaction force.
When the position of the support is special, it can not be analyzed by the traditional method, and the possible failure mode must be taken into account.
Design of multi - anchor retaining wall
When more than one support, if the distance between the support is not close enough, can not be regarded as a support, then the potential failure mode and single support wall is significantly different. Multi-cold-formed steel sheet pile support plate pile wall Therefore, as long as the wall and the support has enough strength to withstand the most unfavorable load, the structure will not fail. Assistance to the traditional torsional failure, only in the support failure or excessive bending of steel sheet pile occurs.
In order to solve the bending moment and reaction force of the multi-supporting sheet pile wall, the cold-formed U-shaped sheet pile manufacturers have developed many different methods. As the multi-support structure is statically indeterminate structure, which requires a lot Of assumptions in order to carry out structural analysis.


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