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Design of sheet piling

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In order to facilitate the design, it can be considered that the sheet piling between the adjacent tie rods are simply supported (the ratios thus bending moment is biased) to provide the fulcrum force through the anchor bolt. The force of the fulcrum depends on The spacing of the bolts and the design supporting load on each wall. In addition, the purlin can also be regarded as continuous beam, but should be cross-appropriate amplification. Although the purlins are statically indeterminate, the simpler method can still be used: Method: Assume that the bending moment is ULZ / 10W is the rod (support) load. Is a uniform load, L is the rod spacing.
Cold - formed sheet piling
Pull rod failure checking is carried out on the basis of the normal use limit state. Excluding the super-excavation, the bending bending  sheet pilingmoment and the rod force are the limit values ​​acting on the purlin of length ZL.
In the extreme case, if the end of the span is not fixed, the bending moment loss on the cold-formed sheet pilings due to the failure of the tie rod will not exceed 03UL2, W is the support load in extreme cases, UDL ,, Which can be used to estimate the effect of tie rod failure on the structure.
The computational complexity of  sheet piling simplified algorithm is small and it is convenient to check whether the normal design state is the control design condition. If the anchorage system is designed to be controlled by this extreme case, a more rigorous force analysis of the purlins is required To further optimize the design


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