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Design of steel sheet piles supporting structure step flow

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The following is a cold-formed steel sheet piles support structure design process. If the wall deformation and ground subsidence are important for the project, the use of limit state calculation is required.
If the wall is subjected to vertical loads, the vertical bearing capacity is to be checked, which may affect the design depth of the steel sheet piles in step (2) and at the subsequent design stage
steel sheet piles
(1) to determine the soil parameters, groundwater pressure, load combination and the limit conditions for the bearing capacity of the geometric conditions; in order to carry capacity limit state design
(2) Determine the soil depth of sheet pile wall by means of limit equilibrium method or soil / structure interaction analysis method.
(3) the same method, the calculation of sheet pile wall bending moment, shear force and support force. Note: If you do not need to check 55, the steps ④ ~ (D can be omitted:
(4) to determine the soil parameters, groundwater pressure, load combinations and the corresponding geometric conditions for checking the state 515
(5) For the depth of the wall, calculate the load (wall bending moment, shear force, support or bolt load) in 55 by using the limit equilibrium method or field structure interaction analysis method.
(6) Determine the wall deformation and soil displacement (if necessary) by using the 5] 5 soil / structure interaction analysis method, or the engineering experience analogy method.
(7) Check whether the 55 load action and the wall deformation and soil displacement calculated in step (6) meet the requirements (ie, whether it meets the allowable stress standard of the steel sheet piles wall).
(8) Determine the design bending moment and shear force at the ultimate capacity of the wall, taking the larger of the following two sets of numbers: Moment and shear values ​​calculated in step (3) or (5 ), The resulting bending moment or shear force value x 1.35.
The calculation of the section modulus requires the use of the relevant limit state specifications and the need for correction of the calculated bending moment The British Standard for Structural Steel for Buildings (BS5950) specifies a correction factor of 1.2
Calculating wall bending moment, shear force, support or anchor force (if used) in the SLS state requires consideration of the pressure acting on the wall at the equilibrium condition (F: 10). UIS conditions, the wall should have a deeper embedded depth, equivalent to F> 10.
Under the state of use, U-shaped steel sheet piles price calculation of groundwater seepage force should consider the wall of all embedded depth.


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