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Detailed steps in the construction of steel sheet piles

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1、steel sheet pile finishing:

Steel sheet pile transported to the site, the need for finishing, clean up the mouth of the debris, such as welding pigmentation, waste fill, etc., to the defect site to be sorted. Lock the mouth of the inspection, with a length of about 2 meters of the same type, with the specifications of the steel plate pile for the lock through the inspection. Check the use of winch pull the standard steel sheet pile flat car, from the pile head to the end of the pile for the lock through the inspection, the detection of the lock mouth twist and "dead" correction.

Each piece of steel sheet pile on both sides of the lock parallel to the detection method: steel sheet pile for each piece of steel sheet pile is divided into upper and lower parts with a steel ruler to measure the width of each pile so that the width of the same size, each adjacent number The difference is less than 1 cm is appropriate. More than the deviation of the steel sheet pile should be used as much as possible.

In order to ensure that the steel sheet pile in the construction process can be successfully plugged, and increase the use of steel sheet pile impermeability. Each piece of steel sheet pile lock must be evenly coated with mixed oil, the volume ratio of butter: dry bentonite: dry sawdust = 5: 5: 3.

2、steel sheet pile from the pull and process control:

Taking into account the lifting equipment and vibration equipment and other factors, steel sheet pile cover with piece by piece. Along the end of a good draw in front of the gray line, insert the first piece of steel sheet pile repeatedly carefully corrected steel sheet pile, to ensure that the vertical and to the design elevation. The rest of the steel sheet pile has been plugged steel sheet pile shall prevail, after lifting the artificial support to insert a piece of steel sheet pile lock, and then use vibration hammer vibration sink.

Construction points for the "pile upright, scattered that is correct, adjust the closure."

3、steel sheet pile support set:

The project is designed with the upper and lower two bars, first excavating the excavation excavation with the excavator excavation earthwork, digging on the roadway design elevation, suspended excavation. To complete this road after the support to continue to excavation to the foundation pit design after the installation of high after the installation of the next channel. Enclosure construction first according to the design elevation in the steel sheet pile welding ⑸ 125 × 125 × 10 angle short legs as a temporary support, on the road with Shuanghua I45 cm I-beam, the next road with double I60 cm I-beam welding And then to be arranged in the vertical and horizontal connection in place, and then welded with steel sheet pile firmly, the gap part of the concrete filled with dense, so that the entire steel sheet pile retaining the overall force.

4、the removal of steel sheet pile:

Until the foundation of the bottom of the concrete pouring completed and has 75% of the design strength after the demolition of the next channel, pouring the completion of the side wall concrete, and the strength to meet the requirements before the demolition of the tunnel and the demolition of steel sheet pile.

5、steel sheet pile removal method:

First with the pull pile driver sandwiched the top of the steel sheet vibration 1 second - 2 seconds, so that the soil around the sheet pile loose, resulting in "liquefaction" to reduce the soil on the pile of friction, and then slowly pull up. Pull the pile when the load of attention to the pile driver and found that difficult to pull on the pull or pull up, you should stop pulling the pile, you can advance to play a little, and then pull up, so repeatedly pull out the pile.

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