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Details of construction process of steel sheet pile support

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Steel sheet pile construction relates to the overall quality of the project, and the construction personnel life safety, so need special professional job, following Wuxi Hengyong construction company experts to introduce all the details of steel pile support construction process, we can come to know.

Steel sheet pile construction process of steel sheet pile construction in foundation pit excavation before although has been completed, but the sheet pile retaining structure to underground structure construction and backfill is completed, in the license conditions will be considered a complete end extraction of sheet pile. Therefore, the construction of steel sheet pile should consider the excavation, excavation, support, underground structure construction, backfill, support removal and sheet pile removal. Measurement line, steel sheet pile, earth excavation to play in the first layer, first layer support elevation support installation, earthwork excavation to second layer, second layer support elevation support installation, earthwork excavation to the pit bottom, the bottom plate and the design elevation of reinforced concrete guide wall construction, the outer wall of the waterproof layer construction, backfilling earthwork, demolition of second the support layer, reinforced concrete pool wall construction to the upper construction joints, the outer wall of the waterproof layer construction, backfilling earthwork, demolition of first layers, the upper supporting wall and roof construction, the waterproof layer construction, backfilling earthwork, Larson steel sheet pile extraction

Steel sheet pile hoisting and stacking in construction process of steel sheet pile support

Two point crane should be used for loading and unloading steel sheet pile. When lifting, the number of steel plate piles should not be too much, and protect the lock from damage. The steel sheet pile should be piled on the flat and firm site, and the foundation soil should be compacted if necessary. Note: (1) in stacked stacked sequence, position, direction and layout of construction after taking into account the convenience; (2) the steel sheet pile according to the type, size and length, the construction site were piled up, and in the yard set signs; (3) the steel sheet pile shall be stacked separately for each the number is generally not more than 5 layers stacked, each layer to the sleeper, wood pad spacing is 3 ~ 4m, and the upper and lower pad wood should be in the same vertical line, the total height should not be piled up more than 2m.

Construction of steel sheet pile for steel sheet pile supporting construction process

Construction machinery adopts 40T crawler crane, with vibration hammer and 200KW special (three phase 220V) generator construction.

(1) piling purlin bracket (Guide) set. In order to ensure the smoothness of pile verticality and construction of steel sheet pile wall wall, in the steel plate piles should be set piling purlin purlin bracket, bracket by purlin and purlin pile. Piling purlin support drawing (a) layout (b) section 1 purlin pile; 2 purlin; 3 steel sheet pile; the 4 connecting plate by double purlin arrangement, double spacing between Wai purlin than the insert sheet pile width up to 8 ~ 10mm, if the steel sheet pile is higher, can be along the height are arranged on the double-layer or multilayer, so to better guide the steel sheet pile into effect. The lower purlin can be located in the ground about 500mm.  Using H type steel purlin bracket. Used for welding the connecting plate between the pile and purlin purlin.

(2) steel plate pile driving pile driving method with one or two plates as a group, from the angle to block insertion, until the end of the project, this method into the construction is simple, can not stop playing, pile machine running route is short, fast.  But the single block is easy to lean to one side, the error accumulation is not easy to be corrected, and the flatness of the wall is difficult to control. The first with a crane hanging from the insertion point of steel sheet pile stub, inserting pile locking to alignment, inserting a sleeve that each pile cap, gently to hammer; in piling process, as the verticality of steel sheet pile, with two theodolites is controlled in two directions; in order to prevent the plane displacement locking center line, a card can be in the direction of the steel sheet pile pile locking, prevent pile displacement. At the same time in the purlin on previously calculated each pile position, in order to check the calibration at any time; one or two pieces of steel sheet pile location and direction of the start play set shall ensure accuracy, in order to play a guiding role model, so each scored 1m should be measured once, up to a predetermined depth immediately after the steel or steel plate and purlin fixed bracket welding.

(3) the angle and closure of steel sheet pile. The integer times of sheet pile wall steel sheet pile length design is sometimes not standard width, or axis of sheet pile wall is complex, or the steel plate piles and the inclined lock mouth has gap, all of these will bring difficulties to the final closure of sheet pile wall, using axis dressing method.  Through the adjustment of the design length and position of the closed axis of the sheet pile wall, the axis trimming method can realize the closure and closure, and the closure joint is best selected in the corner of the short side. Specific practices are as follows: 1. To temporarily stop along the long side direction to about 8 from the angle of pile along the steel plate pile, the amount of the total length of the pile to the angle and the length increased; in the short side direction according to the above method; according to the long and short sides of the horizontal direction increases the length and angle of pile size, separate from the short side direction of the purlin and purlin pile, Jack outward ejection, axis shift, certified by the purlin and purlin pile re welding fixation; in the long side direction of the purlin is inserted in the pile, continue to play, hit the corner pile after insertion again, then turned to the direction along the short side inserted two pieces of steel sheet pile; according to the modified axis along the short side direction to forward play, the last piece of steel sheet pile closure,Analysis on Construction Scheme of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile third pieces of sheet pile position in the short side direction calculated from the end of the.


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