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Different sheet pile hammers


The construction methods of steel sheet piles are classified as follows.

1. Vibration method of vibration sheet pile manufacturers;

2. Pile driving method with pile driver;

3. The construction method of pipe jacking with spiral drill is adopted.

4 Pile Driving Method Using Pile Hammer

For hard foundations, water injection can be used.

1. Vibration Method of Vibrating Pile Driving Hammer

This is a construction technology of driving steel sheet piles into soil by transmitting vertical vibration generated by vibration hammer. In the absence of impact power, the head of steel sheet pile will not be damaged, which helps to improve construction efficiency; this technology is suitable for driving and extracting piles.  However, in the case of electrical vibration, the instantaneous current is very high, so large-scale electrical equipment is needed; in the case of hydraulic vibration, special hydraulic units must be used in most cases.

Recently, machines suitable for low noise and vibration construction methods as well as Under-beam or small space construction have been put into use.

2 Pile driving method using pile driver

This is a construction technology which clamps the middle part of steel sheet pile and uses the reaction force of push-in steel sheet pile to press steel sheet pile into soil.

The machine body is very compact and suitable for construction under beams, but steel sheet piles need to be lifted by additional cranes.

This technology is suitable for soft foundation and can realize low noise and low vibration structure.

3 Pipe jacking with auger drill

For this construction method, hydraulic press is used to press steel sheet pile during or after drilling, and the drilling mechanism of screw drill and the penetrating mechanism of steel sheet pile are provided in this construction technology. Due to the use of sleeves, high rigidity is achieved in the penetration process, so the technology is suitable for hard foundations. In addition, this construction method can achieve low noise and low vibration structure.


This construction method has the characteristics of high batting force, strong mobility, high batting frequency and abundant operation. However, it is necessary to choose a feasible hammer to prevent the pile head from compression failure.

Because of the high noise and vibration caused by this construction technology, its use in residential areas, schools, hospitals and other surrounding areas as well as designated areas is limited; therefore, it is seldom used in port areas.

Pile hammers are divided into diesel engine driven pile hammers, hydraulic pile hammers, monkeys and pneumatic pile hammers.


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