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Discussion on Construction Scheme of Lean Steel Sheet Pile Lease

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In the construction of some large-scale projects need to be involved when the use of Larsen steel sheet pile, so steel sheet pile will also become a very common phenomenon. There will be some problems with Larsen sheet pile leasing, and it will be more convenient to understand if these problems are used, so it would be more appropriate to do a Larsen sheet pile leasing program before renting steel sheet piles.

We can give an example to understand, such as a company needs to base the foundation of the basin to support and protection, then the steel sheet pile when you need to pay attention to the following questions.

1, select the appropriate steel sheet pile, because this building is divided into many types, such as U-type, H-type, should be selected.

2, to determine the steel sheet pile, it is necessary to explain their own construction and the number of steel piles required and the construction time requirements, which must be scheduled to good.

Assuming that the project takes twenty days to complete, it must be completed before the date of arrival. The first step is to start the construction of the first step is to dig the ground layer of soil, and then is the positioning of steel sheet pile to determine after the steel pile pile machine began to work, with a crane to hold steel sheet pile, put the position, and then according to customer requirements to start Place the pile, place it in place of attention to its position and height, and so on, one by one.

3, in the construction of steel sheet pile to be fully prepared before, including the required materials and on-site inspection, should set up a special department to manage these matters to ensure the quality and progress of construction.

4, steel sheet pile leasing will make the construction more simple and quick, to ensure complete on time, and will not waste resources, can be reused, there is no time to use, whether it is summer or winter can be used quickly. These advantages also make it to some extent can save money and reduce costs.

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