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Discussion on sheet pile

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Originally used in Europe in the early 20th century, it has now become a recognized technology abroad. But in China, the technology is still in its infancy. With the vigorous development of China's economy, this new environmental protection building material will inevitably be widely used.

According to their production technology, steel sheet pile products are divided into cold-formed and hot-rolled piles, which are combined with each other and have their own advantages. In the past few years, the market has given priority to hot-rolled steel sheet piles, whose processing methods and information can be seen everywhere, and has been widely recognized. The cold-formed steel sheet pile is formed by rolling depression of the cold-formed mill. Its side interlocking can be connected continuously to form the steel structure of sheet pile wall. Although produced by different processing methods, the use of cold-formed steel sheet piles is similar to that of hot-rolled steel sheet piles, but their application ranges are different. Over the years, cold-formed steel sheet piles have been widely used and accumulated a wide range of operational experience.

Nanjing Dashan Steel Pile Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise engaged in R&D, design, production and service of cold rolling forming section in China. Shengda develops and produces the first cold-formed steel sheet pile in China. Its section modulus is 1360 cm. In October 2006, it was expanded to an annual capacity of 400,000 tons of cold-formed sheet pile manufacturers.

Grand is engaged in research and development of cold-formed steel sheet piles according to EN standard (EN 10249: non-alloy cold-formed steel sheet piles), and currently ranks among the leading manufacturers of cold-formed steel sheet piles in the world. The moment. In addition, Grand has established its own brand in the field of steel sheet piles, and its GP series cold-formed steel sheet piles have been applied to many key projects at home and abroad. GP series products have prominent section modulus and large moment of inertia, which can be widely used in common retaining walls and infrastructure, ports, piers, river bank reinforcement and water and land foundation pit protection structures.

In the course of many years'development, Grand gave full play to his cold-rolled forming section development technology, improved the structure of a large number of composite steel sheet piles, made the project design and construction more reasonable, and made the economic benefits more remarkable. At the same time, in order to better meet the requirements of personalized customers, most cold-formed steel sheet piles were personalized design according to the basic conditions.

Grand can now produce more than 80 kinds of GPU and GPZ series cold-formed steel sheet piles with maximum section modulus of 6000 cm3/m and maximum thickness of 16 m M. When the section modulus of our products is the same as that of hot-rolled steel sheet piles, the steel consumption per square metre will be reduced by 10%~15%, which means that the construction cost will be greatly reduced. In this way, the concept of "new building materials with environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency" is realized.

Nanjing Dashan Steel Pile Co., Ltd. has established a complete and fine service system for design, production, technical support and construction. With the support of top research institutes and universities in China's engineering field, our technical department can provide all the services that leading manufacturers of cold-formed steel sheet piles should be able to provide, and provide technical support for any step of steel sheet pile engineering, providing targeted and effective technical services, taking into account the various needs of customers.


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