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Do you know the main construction method of Larsen steel sheet pile?

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Main construction method of Larsen steel sheet pile

A. Before the excavation of the Larsen steel sheet pile, the underground obstacles and ground obstacles in the construction area shall be dismantled and disposed of according to the requirements of the construction plan.

B. Larsen steel sheet pile construction location or site control line (pile) position, standard horizontal pile, slotted white line size must pass the inspection; and complete pre-inspection procedures.

C. Adequate lighting facilities should be provided during night construction; obvious signs should be set in the dangerous area, and the excavation sequence should be arranged reasonably to prevent wrong excavation or over-excavation. The excavated soil is transported by dump truck to the designated dumping site sheet pile manufacturers.

D. The roads and unloading facilities of the construction machinery entering the site of Larsen steel sheet piles shall be inspected in advance, and preparations for reinforcement and widening shall be made as necessary.

E. Larsen steel sheet piles Where the mechanical construction cannot be operated, the slope repair and bottom hole cleaning should be carried out by manual cooperation.

F. According to the site situation, it is proposed to use the Shenyang Iron and Steel Company 260 excavator for excavation. Since the excavation width is 3-3.5 m, only one excavation can be performed on site during mechanical excavation. If the excavator is used for stratified excavation on the second floor, it cannot be excavated on the second floor. At any time, the edge line of the foundation pit and the elevation of the foundation pit are measured to ensure that the earthwork is in place, and no excavation is required. A manual cleaning of 10 cm is reserved.

G. Prevent the excavator from striking the pile and disturbing the base bearing layer.

H. Larsen steel sheet piles are installed inside and outside the foundation pit (1 meter away from the edge of the foundation pit) to install temporary drainage ditch and collecting wells, and arrange special drainage.


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