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Domestic U-shaped steel sheet pile which must pass the process

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U-shaped steel sheet pile is now the largest domestic steel sheet pile, U-shaped steel sheet pile by rolling method of manufacturing, but each steel sheet pile manufacturer's production technology will be slightly different, then the domestic U-shaped steel sheet pile which must The process? Here we look at the following:

U-shaped steel sheet pile

    1, by the large steel embryo or flat steel in the heating furnace heated to 1250 ℃ before and after calendering;

    2, to complete the rolling of the steel sheet pile in the high temperature according to the provisions of the length of the product cut off;

    3, with a complex shape of the roll hole through the number of times, little by little gradually form the final cross-sectional shape;

    4, after cooling the steel sheet pile through the roller straightening machine to produce the bending and bending correction over.

    The predecessor of the steel sheet pile is made of wood or cast iron and other materials made of sheet pile. As the steel sheet pile is recycled steel is used as raw material production, therefore, it can be reused 10 times more than 30 times. In addition, the steel sheet pile also has the following advantages: high strength, light, good waterproof performance; durability, service life of 30 years to 50 years; in the construction can greatly reduce the amount of soil and concrete, effective protection of land resources; Strong disaster relief function; construction is simple, can shorten the duration, safe and reliable.


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