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Exclusive Secret Lake Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam

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Recently, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, near the lake near the lake there was a "lake in the pit", so many people amazing. Originally, in this area near the small project, in the South Lake on the construction of a water extension kiosk. At first the passers-by feel very surprised, how is the water in the water, and the water did not pour into the "pit" to it? What are the pillars that look like steel? Here we come to reveal the lake Larsen steel sheet pile coffin secret.

The person in charge of the project answers the question for many questioners: the root lies in the Larsen steel sheet pile. This small project is the recent section of the South Lake shore area will build a leisure place, need to extend to about 5 meters in the lake, we see it is the construction base, surrounded by the lake to enter the Larsen steel sheet pile, and Not the general steel plate. A lot of curious people have the answer, Larsen steel sheet pile, but some people still do not understand the "steel" can be used to block water? In fact, this is called Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam.

Larsen steel sheet pile is a special steel sheet pile, and the construction of high-rise steel sheet pile is not the same, as how did not let the water go, but also engineers according to the bottom of the lake geological conditions, in the Larsen steel sheet pile into the bottom of the lake, the initial fixed after pumping The silt, through the support beam will not let the water come in, fill the ground soil first fixed Larsen steel sheet pile, and then landfill cement concrete, and finally the construction of multi-channel support beam, combined with Larsen steel sheet pile of water and pressure And other advantages of the design circle, so that the construction of the lake, "the pit was formed." This construction method is called Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam construction.


And the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam has a dual role, which is used to stop the water for the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam, there is a file soil Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam. In the use of Larsen steel sheet pile water when the cofferdam, the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam height must be higher than the construction period may occur during the highest water level, which of course including the height of the waves, including at least 0.5-0.7 meters high The The appearance of the Rosen steel sheet pile cofferdam also needs to take into account the depth of the water and the speed of the water flow and the erosion of the steel sheet pile in the channel, diversion, flexibility, you need to choose round, round end, Rectangular, with triangular rectangle and other appearance. If the flow of steel sheet pile erosion intensity is relatively large, but also need to set anti-erosion facilities.


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