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Experimental study on performance of FRP sheet piles

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With the continuous development of port, wharf and coastal engineering, sheet pile wall has been more widely used in the use process. The life of traditional wood sheet pile wall materials, reinforced concrete and steel is greatly shortened due to their inadaptability to corrosive environment, which requires a large amount of reinforcing and maintenance costs every year. Therefore, aggressive environmental engineering urgently needs new materials to replace traditional materials. Fiberglass polymer composite (FRP) overcomes many shortcomings of traditional materials and is an ideal new material. It has good chemical corrosion resistance and prevents electrochemical corrosion. Its strength is higher than wood. Concrete and steel have better durability, low maintenance cost and easy construction. FRP sheet pile has no moving leakage damage, chemical plant has the least impact on the ecological environment of coastal engineering and structural engineering waterfront area.

FRP sheet pile

It has a broader application prospect sheet piling prices.

Fiberglass polymer composites (FRP) are based on synthetic resins and reinforced glass fibers and products. FRP sheet piles are manufactured by pultrusion process. Resin impregnated continuous reinforcing materials such as glass fibers are used. Then, by maintaining a certain cross-sectional shape of the forming die and curing it continuously in the die under high temperature and pressure, a continuous smooth surface, dimensional stability and high strength FRP pultrusion profile are formed. Because of the high cost

FRP sheet pile

Only some European and American countries produce and put into use. Our company is moving towards this goal.

Through a series of experiments, it is concluded that FRP composite sheet pile has high strength and good durability, and has a wide application prospect in Wharf engineering, coastal engineering and structural engineering waterfront area. The test shows that the sheet pile will not be damaged due to stress damage, but it will be caused by excessive deformation. It is more reasonable to design the wall under the limit state of controlling the deformation condition than the foundation of the design strength.


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