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Explanation of Anti-corrosion and Anti-corrosion Maintenance Knowledge of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

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Larsen steel sheet pile as a new type of building materials, not only in the water embankment and other projects play an important role, but also in the highway, the railway also play a major role. Since the role of Larsen steel sheet pile so much, then the daily maintenance of Larsen steel sheet to pay attention to what? Here we come to explain the main Lusen steel sheet rust anti-corrosion maintenance knowledge.

Larsen steel sheet pile rust and corrosion resistance of the skill is obvious to everyone, Larsen steel sheet pile construction in most of the river water conservancy construction, do not say the land, to see the terminal, like Guangxi, built in 1990, a harbor terminal, Is the Larsen steel sheet pile, in 2011 sampling survey, the corrosion rate of steel sheet pile were 0.068,0.089, after so many years Larsen steel sheet pile thickness thinning smaller, corrosion is not serious, so we know that Larsen steel sheet pile itself is There is a strong anti-rust anti-corrosion performance, but therefore can not say Larsen steel piles do not need anti-rust anti-corrosion.

So in the anti-rust anti-corrosion, we all know that paint can rust, but so strong anti-rust function is what kind of coating process?

Larsen steel sheet pile rust work requires not only the paint used, the coating process is not bad. Larsen steel piles used in the anti-rust paint is a rust and rust with the dual function, at room temperature after 0.5-1 hours, the surface rust is converted to produce gray black rust-proof material, that is, we see the new Why the steel sheet pile was gray-black.

On the Larsen steel sheet pile coating process, used many years ago: cutting - shot blasting - welding - paint coating, but in recent years are basically used: cutting - welding - spray rust - paint Installed, the second way to paint anti-rust paint, the rust better.

The above is on the Larsen steel sheet anti-rust anti-corrosion maintenance knowledge, but we still have to pay attention to the daily inspection of the quality of Larsen steel sheet in order to ensure the safety of the Larsen steel sheet pile. Here we simply introduce the appearance of Larsen steel sheet pile test method:

Larsen steel sheet pile appearance inspection: including Larsen steel sheet pile appearance defects, length, width, thickness, end rectangular ratio, flatness and lock shape and other items.

1, the impact of the Lacheng steel sheet into the welding parts should be cut off;

2, Larsen steel sheet pile hole, section damage should be reinforced treatment;

3, if the Larsen steel sheet pile has a serious corrosion, should measure the actual cross-section thickness. In principle, for each Larsen steel sheet pile are the appearance of quality inspection.


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