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FMO sheet piles

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FMO sheet piles are mainly used in Europe and some African countries. The length of steel sheet piles can be produced according to the characteristics of roll forming technology under processing conditions, while our U-shaped sheet piles are not limited.

For the length of the product required by the contractor, the available modes of transport and routes of transport shall be taken into account. The longest profile we deliver is 55 meters long.

Transportation of steel sheet piles is restricted by various factors: traffic rules and actual road conditions should be taken into account in road transport; conditions of unloading yards and machinery and marine meteorological conditions should be investigated for maritime transport. In order to prevent obvious bending moment and deformation of steel sheet pile during transportation, the pile body should be equipped with cushion plate and sleeper, and packed with steel packaging belt. It is noteworthy that each surface treated steel sheet pile should be separated by a certain method, and the soft sealing pad should be used with the packing belt.

For the transportation of super-long steel sheet piles, after satisfying the above packing conditions, transport vehicles should be equipped with at least five sleepers per 20m length to prevent deformation; in this case, it is necessary to maintain the level.


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