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For deep excavation sheet piles removal safety tips distribution box

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(1) distribution box should be installed in a dry place at room temperature and ventilation, sheet piles  power distribution box is provided with rain and dust measures.
(2) fixed distribution box bottom and vertical distance from the ground is greater than 1.3 m and less than 1.5 meters, mobile distribution box size greater than 0.6 m and less than 1.5 meters.
(3) Each alternate electrical equipment dedicated switch box, the implementation of "a machine a gate, a box, a lock, a leakage 'protection system. Do not use the same direct control two sets of electrical switches and more than two sets of electrical equipment (including outlets), according to the provisions of the proper use of GFCI.
The following (4) power distribution box wires located in the inlet and outlet of the housing, inlet and outlet jacket plus branching into bundles and do waterproof bent wire bundle can not be in direct contact with the box and export.
(5) distribution box fuse must meet the requirements, shall not be stacked debris,  U Steel Sheet Piling stop the job site where more than one hour, should be locked off power switch box.


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