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Four cutting process program of pipe pile

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Innovation is important to ensure that the company develops a greater sense of competition in innovation. It will promote the spiral steel pipe pile in the current market conditions of perception, management innovation, product innovation, cost control and innovation for enterprise development has played a positive Role.
Through the system has a full understanding of the pioneering technological innovation, the four stages of the development of spiral welded pipe division of labor, innovation management system based on the latest scientific and operational management of the spiral analysis of the cost analysis system is operative to Innovation and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of pipeline welding technology initiatives, Can increase market flexibility. In product innovation, its welded pipe and spiral steel pipe piles represent a group of HRB400 seismic reinforcement products developed from the product, progress great results in spiral works.
Steel Pipe Pile
Next, the spiral welded pipe market is to promote the development and expansion of new varieties of space market, in order to develop a successful product maturity has been improved the quality of products is still spiral pipe one of the most profitable products technology. And obtain greater benefits.
Spiral welded steel pipe pile  manufacturing method is very simple, high production efficiency, variety specifications, but generally less than the strength of capital equipment, seamless steel pipe Continuously improve the quality of high quality steel welding production since the 1930s, with the rapid development of welding inspection technology, as well as in the higher growth spiral welded terminals steel pipe pile manufacturers types and specifications, as well as seamless steel tube area to Replace. Spiral Welded Spiral Welded Spiral Welded Steel Pipe and Spiral Welded Pipe.
To achieve the effect of the rust to be straight, the longitudinal welded pipe plant should be based on the original level of corrosion toughness of the shape, so choose a single or three layers of polyethylene epoxy resin, which requires a coating other than the Roughness of the abrasive type mixed sand Sandblasting a steel shot and easy to achieve the desired effect.
The effect of the total area of ​​the surface of the steel sheet and the steel sheet is increased to perform the etching action of the gravel. Rust is considered to be very effective for abrasive grit and steel shot (even C-and D- Grade corrosive steel guns for sandless mixed 4050 HRC hardness 5060 HRC steel plate surface hardness of various integral steel surfaces.


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