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Good protection during or after the construction of steel sheet piles

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At present, the construction industry is developing faster and faster, and building materials are also rapidly updating. Especially the steel sheet pile project, its structure is not as complicated as concrete, and various building materials have appeared on the market. People's choices are more and more extensive, and they are well protected during or after the construction of steel sheet piles. The emergence of steel sheet piles has brought new contributions to the life of the construction industry.

The steel sheet pile construction method is the most critical and critical step in the foundation construction, and the later construction must be strictly laid. First, we have to check and correct the sheet pile manufacturers. We must check its surface defects, length, width, thickness, flatness and shape of the ends. If there is a defect that needs to be repaired, if there is a serious scrap, it can be applied to other aspects to avoid unnecessary waste.

In recent years, with the continuous development of urban construction, the density of urban pipe network construction has also increased, but in the construction of pipe network, the problem of cracks in steel sheet pile foundation pit has become more prominent.

The most direct cause of the influence of foundation pit excavation on the ground motion around the foundation pit is the horizontal displacement of the retaining wall. When the trench is shallow and the support is not fixed, the displacement of the top of the rigid wall and the flexible wall is the largest, and the horizontal displacement of the groove of the steel sheet pile construction is triangular, and no crack is generated. Things happened outside the pit. With the increase in trench excavation depth, the rigid wall will continue to move to the trench and the horizontal displacement of the triangle or the parallel rigid body, while the flexible wall including the steel sheet pile will gradually emerge from the trench, and the abdomen of the wall protrudes into the trench. The main cause of this phenomenon is steel sheet piles. Inelastic horizontal displacement causes cracks in the soil in the passive soil area.

When the foundation pit is excavated, the excavation unloading pit causes the pressure difference between the horizontal displacements of the maintenance structure to act inside and outside the retaining wall, causing the soil to deform outside the enclosure structure, and the steel sheet pile construction then leads to the soil. The solution of the structure in the foundation pit, the unloading of the foundation pit will also lead to the bottom of the soil bulge. Therefore, the movement of the formation around the foundation pit is mainly due to the deformation of the foundation pit supporting structure and the bulging of the bottom of the foundation pit.

With the continuous advancement of the project, the steel sheet pile construction needs to continuously strengthen the summary of the steel sheet pile construction technology and on-site management, and adopt a more scientific method to optimize the construction scheme proposed by the construction party to ensure construction quality control and construction cost.


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