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Grand (GP) series cold-formed steel sheet piles

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Cold-formed steel sheet piles are made of hot (cold) rolled strip steel. They are formed by several pairs of forming blocks consisting of forming roll sheets of different shapes and by continuous roll bending process to achieve various cross-section forms. All kinds of steel sheet piles needed.

GP series cold-formed steel sheet pile products have the following characteristics: (1) Because cold-formed steel sheet pile is made of hot-rolled strip steel by continuous compaction, the design flexibility of section structure is high. It is used to produce products with large cross section and small wall thickness.

(2) GP series cold-formed steel sheet piles are suitable for large-scale products with width, height and thickness not exceeding 16 mm. They meet the development trend of cold-formed steel sheet piles in the world and satisfy the engineering application requirements of cold-formed steel sheet piles.

(3) The maximum section modulus of U-shaped products of GP series cold-formed steel sheet piles can reach 4260 cm3/m2, and that of Z series can reach 5100 cm3/m2, depending on reasonable section structure design and advanced forming technology of GP series.

(4) The ratio of section modulus to product weight (also known as "mass coefficient") of cold-formed steel sheet piles is increasing. This will help to improve the economic benefits of application and broaden the application scope of cold-formed steel sheet pile.

The use of large cold-formed steel sheet piles can reduce the workload of driving piles, improve working efficiency and reduce the number of water-sealed joints.


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