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HT690,NHT690,HT740,NHT740,SS400,SS490 ​Steel tie rod

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SS400 SS490 is commonly used for marine rod retaining wall pull rod and a pull rod, the pull rod, also known as Japan's Kobelco building steel structure rod.street-side: on the street outside the building and the roof, outside the streets of AOA, multilanes, nht690 drive, parking garage and remote parking lot. The system consists of an anchorage connector, and may include a body harness, rod lanyard, speed reducer, nht740 lifeline, or the appropriate combination. Project investors want to create a unique appearance which is different from the traditional wharf. Therefore, the wharf is designed for rounded corners, which is appointed by general manager and airport operator, and is responsible for guiding all safety activities.

Our standard Tie Rod – Tie Bar range of products includes, Fork Ends, Spade Ends, RTP Ends and Centre Discs. For projects that require unique design elements, our team of expert technicians can design systems to suit the most demanding specifications.

Bridges, Office blocks, Shopping Centres and Malls, steel sheet piling prices Airports, Transport Stations and Residential Homes are just some of the applications where Sta-lok products have helped Architects and Designers’ visions become reality.

Steel KindSteel GradeMinimum Yield Strength MpaMinimum Tensile Strength MpaElongation %
High Tensile SteelHT690 KST-3 NHT690440690Min 19%
HT740 KST-4 NHT740540740Min 17%
Normal SteelSS400(JIS G 3101)235400-51020%-25%
SS490(JIS G 3101)275490-61020%-25%

A registered, certified professional who is responsible for the design of a structural steel frame, whose seal appears on the document of the structural contract. The circular SS400 end creates a significant aesthetic wharf and makes it easier for the rowing rod to approach the SS490 navigation bar. Any object that can be inhaled by an aircraft engine or through an aircraft tire. A structural member with a basic longitudinal axis with a weight of 300 pounds or less, axially loaded or not axially loaded, but the steel rod is bound laterally by the above members.Steel drawing rod with steel grade ht690 ht740 nht690 NHT 740 is very popular. Purlin molding by steel plate across the main frame and the roof supporting materials. 1.5 inch nylon is embedded at the side of the wharf so the wood can be attached to the concrete and does not allow the water to be allowed to cause potential ht690 corrosion. Terminal and other supporting facilities: terminal and lobby, and supporting facilities, such as goods, including buildings, including roof and exterior walls, which is the internal AOA. This area is also known as the landside of the airport steel sheet piling jsp2 jsp3 jsp4. A ht740 system used to arrest a worker in the fall from a walking / working level. White rubber lining is supported on both sides of the wharf to protect ships from mooring.


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