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HZ king piles HZ975A,HZ975B, HZ975C

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When using the composite wall wizard, the program assumes that the material factor AZ 13 or AZ 13 10/10 and AZ 18.M and the correction factor kmod are 1 (i.e. steel). Materials and allowable stresses for sheet piling. (1) iron and steel. The allowable stresses of steel sheet piles under normal load conditions are: combined bending and axial load: FB = 0.5 FY shear: FV = 0.33 FY where FY is the yield stress of steel. If materials other than steel are used, the user must enter his own M and kmod values by selecting the user-defined material RZD 16 type - 12. An inherent assumption of the Coulomb-Rankine theory is that the existence of a wall does not affect the shear stress on the contact surface of the wall. sheet pile manufacturers, results using composite wall guides (distance from each center to center) but because friction between retaining walls and soil has a significant effect on the vertical shear stress in - 14 soil, the transverse stress on the wall is actually different from those assumed by RZU 16 Rankine Theory.

The sheet piling window, the composite wall window, and a single pile window allow you to import sheet piling attributes from the library. Most HZ 975A or HZ 975B can be avoided by using the - 12 or - 14 theory, which takes into account the variation of tangential stress on the contact surface due to wall friction.

HZ King piles are used for combination bending RZD 16 or RZU 16 and RZD 18. Axial loads account for 5/6 of the recommended values of the American Steel Structures Association (AISC), reflecting the design procedures of the Legion's hydraulic steel structures. Click the buttons or buttons in these windows to open the sheet piling configuration file window. In this window, the properties of sheet pile and single pile can be selected. For abnormal loads, the allowable RZD 18 stress can be increased by 33%. For extreme loads, the allowable stress can be increased by 75%. When the wall is formed, the failure wedge tends to move downward for the active shell. For passive situations, walls are forced to lean on the soil and the wedge slides upward along the failure plane. The window contains individual fins for hot-rolled sheet piles, cold-formed RZU 18 sheet piles, synthetic sheet piles and single piles from different manufacturers/distributors. These differential motions involve the vertical displacement between the - 14 wall and the backfill, and the shear stress on the back of the wall due to soil friction and adhesion.

The specified load and strength reduction factors provide equal safety factor.  Therefore, the force generated on the wall is inclined to the angle of the wall. For user defined paper piling and user defined single piles, there are separate -26 tabs.  The strength design of hot-rolled sheet piles should follow the basic criteria stipulated in ACI 318 (1983), but the strength reduction factor (phi) of all failure modes should be 0.7, and the single load factor of 1.9 should be used for all loads.  This angle is called the wall friction angle. When HZ 975 C and HZ 975 D slide downward relative to the walls of RZU 18 and RH 16 and RH 20, they are positive - 24, - 26.

Sheet piling contains separate labels for AZ 18 10/10 or AZ 26 or AZ 26 + 0.5. Manufacturer / distributor produces steel / concrete / synthetic sheet pile and pile; user defined RH 16 sheet pile and pile. For passive cases, when the passive wedge moves upward relative to the wall, it is regarded as negative. If the wall friction angle is known, the following analytical expressions for the horizontal direction Ka and Kp of the vertical wall of RH 20 are obtained: the manufacturer/distributor profile storehouse prestressed concrete piles. The design must meet the requirements of strength and applicability.


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