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HZM king piles HZ1180MA,HZ 1180MD

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How to construct the steel sheet pile support structure? Wuxi Hengyang Construction pointed out that the construction of the steel sheet pile supporting structure mainly includes the insertion of the steel sheet pile, the addition of the support (pull anchor), and the borrowing of the foundation pit soil steel sheet piling prices. The construction of foundation pit support (pull anchor) and the construction of soil body are mainly based on the actual project conditions to develop a detailed construction plan, reasonable organization of personnel, machinery, materials, and related construction. The tire steel sheet pile support structure is slightly simple.

If the HZM king piles by vibration option in the AZ 13,AZ 13-10/10,AZ 18. Model window of is selected, additional input data are needed: Width of sheet piles. Anchors at large depth. Capacities of anchors at large depth below the ground surface may be taken as the bearing capacity of a footing located at a depth equal to the mid height of the anchor (Terzaghi 1943). The width of the sheet piles, used for the calculation of the settlements due to vibratory installation and removal of HZ 1180M A sheet piles. 

The insertion of the steel sheet pile mainly includes the selection and insertion process of the insertion device. At present, the most commonly used plug-in equipment in China is mainly a vibrating hammer, which has the characteristics of strong filling force, sturdy and durable, less failure, convenient use, strong power supply, etc., but when the soil layer is hard or the noise control requirements are high, its characteristics Yes: often cannot be used. To this end, our company purchased a hydraulic pile driver from Japan Technology Co., Ltd., and the static pile driver self-driving on the steel sheet pile that has been constructed. The resistance of the steel sheet pile is used as the lower steel sheet pile. Pressure power, the steel sheet pile is pressed into place by the hydraulic mechanism.

The point is, what is the treatment method for steel sheet piles in foundation pit support accidents? The answer is the partitioning method. The separation method is mainly to establish a partition wall between the excavated foundation pit and the existing buildings around it. The partition wall is subjected to the lateral pressure of the soil caused by the excavation of the foundation pit, and can function when necessary. Waterproof curtain function. The partition wall is generally composed of a root pile, a deep mixing pile, a pressure grouting, etc., and protects the surrounding buildings from damage to the house due to the collapse of the foundation pit.

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