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History of sheet piling


It can be traced back to the beginning of the last century. Ein Produkt erobert die Welt - 100 Jahre Stahlspundwand aus Dortmund (a world-conquering product - Dortmund's 100-year sheet pile wall) describes the success story of sheet pile. This story is closely related to Tryggve Larssen, a government building surveyor in Bremen, who invented sheet-pile walls made of rolled sections with grooved cross sections. In 1902, so-called LARSSEN sheet pile manufacturers - known from this date on - were used as beach structures in Bremen's Hoentorshafen - and are still working! Since then,

It has been produced in the rolling mill of HOESCH Spundwand und Profil GmbH. Over the years, the continuous development of steel grades, section shape and driving technology has led to the wide application of sheet piles. These applications include ensuring exhaust, flow structure, foundations, bridges, sound insulation walls, highway structures, sockets, landfills and contaminated ground fences, and flood control plans. The main engineering advantages of sheet-pile wall in other types of walls are as follows:

The ratio of cross section to resistance moment of steel is very favorable.

They apply to almost all soil types

They are suitable for use in water.

Rapid progress on site

Capable of carrying load immediately

Options for extracting and reusing parts

Easy to combine with other rolling parts

Options for staggered embedding depth

If necessary, use sealed interlocking, low permeability

No need to dig


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