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How do you install a omega sheet pile?


Omega sheet piles are used to provide temporary and permanent walls in the construction industry. As excavation support and soil conservation, it creates a boundary that keeps the soil away from the structure and recedes.


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Technical details of installing Omega sheet piles

The application environment of Omega sheet piles

How to install Omega sheet piles?


Technical details of installing Omega sheet piles

Omega sheet piles are designed to be interlockable. They are installed in the order of the planned excavation circumference. When arranged together, they form a wall for permanent or temporary soil support, along with anchors to provide additional lateral support.

The U-shaped symmetrical form of Omega sheet pile is easy to reuse and has uniform cross-sectional thickness. The numbers quoted in the U-shaped section indicate the fully expanded section modulus and moment of inertia.

Omega sheet piles 

The application environment of Omega sheet piles

The permanent Omega sheet piles are designed for long service life and are installed with the help of a vibrating hammer. If the soil is too dense or too hard, use an impact hammer.

Depending on the conditions, the Omega sheet piles can be hydraulically pushed into the ground. They can be made from recycled steel and can be reused for other purposes; making them a sustainable choice.


1. Making corner connections with swivel range of ~70° to ~ 190°.

2. Interim profile for circular driving with single Omega sheet piles.

3. Weld-on profile with optional double termination.

4. Suitable for jagged U walls (for applications requiring high resistant moments).

5. Suitable for connecting sheet pile walls erected from different directions.


How to install Omega sheet piles?

Generally, Omega sheet piles are designed to connect and drive to a narrow, interlocking plate grounded to form a wall. Stability and strength are determined by the shape and material of the sheet. If it is required to withstand greater bending force and pressure, steel is considered the most suitable material. The basic construction steps are as follows:


Arrange the slices in sections to check that the piles interlock correctly.

Hammer the first board to a defined depth according to the design.

Use a vibratory hammer for installation, but if the soil is hard or dense, use an impact hammer.

If vibration is prohibited at that specific location, use hydraulic pressure to push the paper into place.

After placing the first sheet, drive the second sheet to interlock with the first sheet.

Repeat this process until the wall is complete.

If complex shapes are required, use connector elements to maintain the integrity of the wall.


The designer should ensure all shear transfers in the interlock or consider appropriate project-specific shear reduction factors for the interlock. Since the maximum width of a single Omega sheet piles is 921 mm, the installation speed is very fast!


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