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How does the price of steel sheet pile be calculated?

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The application of steel sheet piles extends through the entire construction industry, from the use of traditional water conservancy and civil processes, as well as through the application of rail and tramways to the application of environmental pollution control. The practical value of steel sheet piles is reflected in the innovative production of many new products, such as: some special welded buildings; metal plates made by hydraulic vibration piling machines; sealed gates and factory coatings The Since last year the state promulgated the "hot-rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile" since the steel sheet pile in the country ushered in the spring, the domestic steel surge. In recent years, the major domestic projects have begun to use a large number of steel sheet pile, coupled with the emergence of domestic steel sheet pile rental services, the use of a higher frequency. Then how much the price of steel sheet pile rental, but also how to calculate it? Here we Hengyong construction of experts for everyone to answer:

China for the first time in the construction of railway bridge cofferdam steel sheet pile is in the 20th century, 50 years, was the Ministry of Railways Bridge from the introduction of the former Soviet Union. Since then people have seen the construction value of steel sheet pile construction, especially in the foundation project water conservancy project, the machine is safe and fast. In the last century 60's has been a large number of developed countries, and steel piles in the country a lot of use, from Wuhan Iron and Steel, Jinxi from the production of steel piles began.

Steel sheet pile long life, so its economic benefits from the long run. The steel sheet pile is a one-time investment is relatively high product, so the steel sheet pile rental service, more suitable as a steel plate pile development path. Now the domestic steel sheet pile leasing is not just rent steel sheet pile so simple, but also more post-service, such as piling, pull pile and the like.

What is the calculation of the price of steel sheet pile? Specific with the overall situation of steel sheet pile, each place may be calculated differently, and some are calculated in accordance with the time buried in the soil, within a fixed period of time and beyond the price may be different. And some are calculated by applying a certain quota.

Steel sheet pile to see the long-term benefits of the most direct expression is the steel sheet pile lease, through the steel sheet pile lease can get a short period of time the right to use, and rental housing will be a short period of time on the loss of the use of steel sheet pile, In the domestic steel sheet pile industry is being developed, it as a special building, engineering use of building materials, can not be used by hand, piling and piling not only need technology but also related equipment to operate Caixing. Exclusive Secret Lake Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam So that the use of steel sheet pile is not so simple, or to talent and technical support.


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