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How effective impermeable sheet piles in construction activity room

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When the activity room construction sheet piles construction jobs, the environment in order to report the construction pit, sand house, piping and other damage, sheet piles retaining need to have good impermeability. sheet piles retaining locking connection is done, we want to see the effect of inter-locking seamlessly bite. But I have to consider the reality of the problem, it is to leave some gaps in order to adjust the angle of rotation when the piling. So we have to pile their plate insertion depth or the sheet piles retaining seal to act, but we have to consider the safety of the sheet piles pit. Another approach is to establish an independent watertight system that can be used in locking rear sheet piles deep mixing pile or high pressure jet grouting to complete the sealing.
Impermeable sheet pile
Specific sealing effect is different, generally factors are the degree of locking engagement, water and soil corrosion, construction environment, etc., impermeable generally divided into the following two methods:
1, artificial seal
 Let's say for artificial seal, this method can be divided into before and after sealing pile pile seal. In line coated sheet piles locking buckle after welding or sealing material to the next pile. This front sealing pile material swelling solvent elastic sealing material, and a resin solvent and swelling rubber. We can pile in front of the locking position before drilling cement bentonite. The expandable supplement can after use can see a heap, ropes and rope to fill with a rubber or plastic material to the company's hair in the mouth; it shall be locked weld, it is pure, and whether it is correct welding thick waterproof, breathable, can contain, if you use the iron, even iron flat iron or angle at the same time to complete the seal weld overlay. In his request, the case of the effect of the structure can now be taken into account in various ways seal.
2, natural seal
Nature is a natural seal back panel piles of sand and other fine particles on the material, such as blocking or locking floating to achieve the sealing effect. For natural seal, sand and soil particles in diameter may be general distribution, better sealing effect. However, if the sheet pile back of the water or soil particles are large, it may take a long time to plug the gap will be. Pumped to accelerate the formation of a large difference in speed, but it can be in the actual construction process of the sealing material, certain measures can be taken to accelerate the process, slag pit or water may be added in such a sealing material when the pump lock rushed. Under normal circumstances, the natural seal will take some time, and there is a relatively large change in the wave or the pressure, the situation will swing the emergence of sheet piles cofferdam, so we usually do not seal completely natural.


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