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How is the steel sheet pile produced?

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The types of steel sheet piles are divided into U-shaped steel sheet pile, linear steel sheet pile, combined steel sheet pile. Steel sheet piles are made in steel mills by calendering. There are some differences in the details of the manufacturer or the factory of the calendering equipment, but the steel sheet pile is roughly produced by the following steps:

Steel sheet pile is made of large steel embryo or flat steel embryo in the heating furnace heated to 1250 ℃ before and after the calendering, with a complex shape of the roll hole several times through, and gradually formed the final cross-sectional shape. The rolled steel sheet pile is finished at high temperature according to the length of the product specified. After cooling the steel sheet pile through the roller straightening machine to produce the bending and bending correction over.

U-shaped steel sheet pile in the steel piles of the largest species, the cross-sectional coefficient is 529 × 10-6m3-382 × 10-5m3 / m. Because it is firmly used for repeated use, often used in temporary structures. When engaged, the lock is in the shape of the neutral axis of the wall.


The linear steel sheet pile has the characteristics of very high seizure strength at both ends of the mouth. Mainly as a shell material for steel sheet pile unit method.


Combined steel sheet pile is made of two U-shaped steel sheet pile assembled into a cylindrical shape, made in the welding. A large cross-sectional coefficient can be obtained by fitting the steel sheet pile appropriately. According to the design, the construction conditions can change the length of the assembly.


Steel sheet pile with cold-formed thin-walled light and hot-rolled type, because the former has a large processing and use of the limitations. Hot-rolled steel sheet pile has become the mainstream of steel sheet pile product development. In the 1950s, China was first introduced in the construction of railway bridge cofferdam. However, due to the backward technology, the development of domestic steel sheet pile is very slow. Until the end of the 20th century, China's steel sheet pile application has a certain development. Among them, China's hot-rolled steel sheet pile of Liaoning Zizhu, Hebei Jinxi, Wuhan Iron and Steel has also produced, cold-formed steel sheet pile of Nanjing million, Jiangsu smooth, Liyang Guoqiang, Shanxi Dingrong and so on.


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