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How many structural functions does HZ combi-walls have?


In engineering construction, HZ combi-walls are mostly used as supplementary materials for applications and have always been the main products of engineering applications. Based on the many advantages of steel sheet piles in construction operations, according to statistics, the current annual consumption of steel sheet piles in my country is maintained at about 30,000 tons, which are mainly used in the construction of some ports, shipyards and other permanent projects and bridge cofferdams and foundations.


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What structure does HZ combi-walls have?

What are the structural characteristics of HZ combi-walls?

The main structural function of installing HZ combi-walls


What structure does HZ combi-walls have?

HZ combi-wall is a type of steel with a linkage device on the edge and a lock. Its cross-section is straight, trough, Z-shaped, etc., and has various sizes and interlocking forms. The common ones are Larsonian, Lakwanaian and so on. In addition, the linkage device of HZ combi-walls can be freely combined to form a continuous and compact steel structure for retaining soil or water retaining wall, which is the most commonly used sheet pile cofferdam.


On the other hand, the cold-formed steel sheet piles in the HZ combi-walls are continuously rolled and formed by the cold-formed unit, and the side locks can be continuously overlapped to form a steel structure of the sheet pile wall. Cold-formed steel sheet piles are made of thinner plates (the usual thickness is 8mm ~ 14mm) and are processed by cold-formed forming units. Therefore, the production cost is lower and the price is cheap, and the fixed-length control is more flexible.

 HZ combi-walls

What are the structural characteristics of HZ composite wall?

The advantage of HZ combi-wall is high strength and easy to penetrate hard soil layer. It can be constructed in deep water, if necessary, add diagonal support to form a cage. It has good waterproof performance and can be used to form cofferdams of various shapes according to the needs. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses.


However, due to the simple processing method of the HZ combi-walls, the thickness of each part of the pile body is the same, the section size cannot be optimized, which leads to an increase in the amount of steel used, the shape of the lock part is difficult to control, the joint is not tightly buckled, cannot stop water, and is subjected to cold bending processing equipment Due to capacity constraints, only products with low strength grades and thinner thicknesses can be produced; and the stress generated during the cold bending process is relatively large, and the pile body is prone to tearing during use, and its application has greater limitations.


The main structural function of installing HZ composite wall

According to the actual situation of the project, the most economical and reasonable section can be selected to realize the optimization of the engineering design.

1. The section structure design of the HZ combi-wall is reasonable, and the forming technology is advanced, so that the ratio of the section modulus to the weight of the steel sheet pile product is continuously improved, so that it can obtain good economic benefits in the application, and broaden the cold-formed steel sheet pile. Application areas.

2. The specifications and models of HZ combi-walls steel sheet piles are abundant.

3. Designed and produced according to European standards, the structure is symmetrical to facilitate repeated use, and is equivalent to hot rolling in repeated use, and has a certain angle of rotation, which is convenient for correcting construction deviations.

4. The use of high-strength steel and advanced production equipment ensure the performance of HZ combi-walls steel sheet piles.

5. The length of the HZ combi-walls can be customized according to customer requirements, which brings convenience to the construction and reduces the cost.

6. Convenient production, and can be pre-ordered before leaving the factory when used with HZ combi-walls.

7. The production design and production cycle is short, and the performance of HZ combi-walls steel sheet piles can be determined according to customer requirements.

8. The large width effectively saves the time of hoisting and piling.

9. The cross-section width is increased, which reduces the number of necking of the sheet pile wall and directly improves its water-stop performance.

10. Thickening treatment is carried out on the severely corroded parts, and the corrosion resistance is more excellent.


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