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How to Aid Piling of Steel Sheet Piles Cofferdam

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People will use the material, appearance, and select the practical value of functional standards. Sheet piles are in line with the above three lines: Components for manufacturing components provide a simple and practical structure to meet all the requirements of structural safety and environmental protection, Sheet piling to complete is attractive for architectural applications. Applications and steel sheet piles, railways from civil processes to traditional water conservancy projects and applications that control environmental pollution, through tramway applications, will not extend to the entire product of the construction industry. Two steel sheet pile cofferdam way is what?
sheet piles
1, water injection
The pile tip is set with a high pressure water jet. High pressure water jet to reduce the pile tip resistance and make loose soil, it is easy to pile, and reduce the damage to the equipment to the mountain, thus reducing the friction surface and Locking in a pile, loose soil and stones I was robbed.
2, pre-drilling method
Pre-drilling has the potential to reduce soil resistance: normal, located at about 30 cm, or in the heart of a very effective mountain-wide borehole diameter using twist-ripper.
3, blasting
This method is difficult or impossible to construct for steel sheet piles (H-piles, box-shaped piles or piles) applied to the soil.
General blasting: pile tip blasting pile wall line recommendations are enhanced because cap-type Larsen steel sheet piles manufacturers are still very difficult conditions in order to produce the V-shaped groove in the pile up area. Impact Blasting: The solid rock into fine particles , But do not move it, the impact of the rock is very small.

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