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How to Determine the Construction Technology of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

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Construction of steel sheet piles Conventional use of "side excavation side support" method Construction of multi-layer support (pull anchor) foundation pit, through the calculation we know that the steel plate pile internal force and deformation of the larger value appear in the earth excavation and support Anchor) is not formed, for which we will increase the number of support layers to reduce the depth of single-layer excavation, but the end result is longer construction period, construction costs.

From the design calculation point of view, we can imagine to reduce the internal strength of the Larsen steel sheet, deformation it would increase the cross-section of the steel sheet pile, reduce the external load, reduce the pressure inside and outside the pit pressure even in the water support structure before pumping Ahead of the steel sheet pile to support the internal. But the vast majority of cases of steel sheet pile material, the external load often can not be changed, for example, support the structure of steel sheet pile after excavation in the earth excavation and support the construction, the foundation pit water underwater support, and finally underwater pouring The pressure of the foundation pit is always earth pressure, and the construction of the steel sheet pile can be made safer in the construction and the amount of the structural material is obviously reduced by the construction process. The


Therefore, according to the specific construction conditions of the foundation pit, the surrounding environment and the characteristics of the supporting structure of the multi-process comparison to determine the final construction more reasonable, more secure and more economical construction technology is the support structure design and construction of an important prerequisite.


Larsen steel sheet pile because of its light weight, high strength, tight lock, watertight, easy construction, construction speed and other advantages are in the field of basic engineering support construction in the rapid promotion, and gradually replace some of the traditional foundation pit support method. But Larsen steel sheet pile as a supporting structure is not applicable to all the pit support construction, but also according to the actual internal and external environment and take into account the construction environment, duration, cost and other factors for comparison, Larsen steel sheet pile as support Structure in the following conditions of the application of the project more advantages.


1、the surrounding environment is complex, high environmental requirements, construction work surface is small. For example, some projects located in the center of the city or adjacent to the construction of the adjacent pit in the surrounding area require the use of traditional supporting methods (such as underground continuous wall method, bored pile method, SMW method, etc.) And material storage sites, and the construction process will produce mud, sewage and other pollutants and noise. And the use of steel sheet pile support only a small amount of machinery, and if the use of hydraulic pile driver for steel sheet pile plug can be a good solution to the construction process of noise pollution problems.


2、the construction foundation pit due to the surrounding conditions can not be used to strengthen the anchor, the excavation depth of about 13m and foundation pit area of 10,000 m2 or less.

This condition is not a steel sheet pile as a necessary condition for the construction of supporting structure, but according to the previous construction experience that under such conditions using steel sheet pile support structure more advantages.


What type of support is used in the construction of foundation pit, the owner side usually need to consider the schedule progress, cost factors to choose the most suitable for their own engineering support methods. The principle of traditional support design is "strong support, weak support", that is, try to use a strong envelope, and to minimize the internal support structure of the foundation pit.

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