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How to address the impact of the steel sheet piles construction leakage

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In foundation construction, we often use steel sheet piles, the most widely used, especially in ground engineering and environmental construction projects were. The world's current annual demand for steel sheet piless are about 3 million tons, a single view of the Asian region, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in more than 50,000 tons, Japan and South Korea demand of about 500,000 tons. Then we met in the construction leakage singlet will, it will affect the construction schedule, the delay period. Causes of force along the following steel industry and share with leakage, as well as how to effectively address the impact of the steel sheet piles construction leakage.
steel sheet piles leakage

I want to know our first choice steel sheet piles leakage: In the construction pit, the depth of more than half the time, and the corner seams leak occur, depending on the soil there also appears to Bay sand digging expected.
Spiral steel pipe 
So this situation has the following three reasons:
1, piling construction, between steel sheet piles locking does not meet the requirements, it may be inserted for construction imprecise.
2, vertical sheet pile because of the non-compliant lead to leakage lock.
3, the construction of steel sheet piles locking engagement is not good, if it is second-hand steel sheet piles will occur because too many old pile Correction failed. Corner is a special type of corner pile will cause deformation after welding process, there will be leakage.
Finally, how to prevent that we should solve this problem:
1, in order to ensure vertical steel sheet piles driving, pile driving after wall formation, you must do the cofferdam bracket.
2, in order to ensure good control theodolite vertical vertical hammering steel sheet piles into the soil.
3, the old sheet pile deformation should be corrected in the correction platform, available huohong or constant pressure correction method for bending steel sheet piles.
4. Set pallets in steel sheet piles into the direction to prevent the steel sheet piles lock midline shift.

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