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How to buy a new steel sheet piles to do testing and storage

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In the field of sheet piles, as they Larsen steel sheet piles What? Global steel sheet piles and a common name, very different embodiments, the hot-rolled state and around two types of cold formed steel sheet piling, the embodiment can be divided into visible iron pile, Z-shaped steel sheet piless and U-shaped steel sheet piles.
steel sheet piles storage
Before you buy and use of steel sheet piles products tested, it will be very important. Since the steel sheet piles, tested its most divided visual inspection and materials testing. steel sheet piles may be a trivial problem has not been corrected, thus reducing the build process to cause unnecessary trouble.
The first visual inspection and, when all parts, including the length, width, thickness, surface condition, squareness, flatness and shape around Three to see:. First, how should the welding of steel sheet piles driving and cutting a second hole machining lame clipped solid;. third ground case of rusty steel sheet piles, measuring the thickness of the tip of his cross-section Construction of sheet pile before progress is being made visual facts.
This material was then tested steel sheet piles masterbatch mechanical properties inspection Including chemical analysis, torque member, bending test, test and test power off rate consistent with other things Test device, the size of each sheet pile is the stretching and bending test.; every 20-50 tons of steel sheet piles test two test specimens.
For the storage of sheet piles, first select the storage location, on the site, it will not be subjected to heavy pressure to select and place will occur in parallel, should be selected relatively flat and firm grounds, first, in order to avoid such a result sheet pile deformed by its own weight, the second is for ease of use when the steel sheet piles shipped relatively easy construction site.
In addition, there are three things to see: 1, stacked in time to consider the establishment of a future, know what the stack of paper on the lowest part of the first pile shape our responsibility and work, the communication can work in the future , it is easy to use transfer. 2, various Larsen steel sheet piles installed separately, not free piling up, depending on the size, length and news, as well as signs pile, when my work, you can easily find you want to use a metal sheet pile thing. 3 laminated steel sheet piles should be stacked no more than 5 or more than the number, plus our sleeper line between the layers, the distance between the sleepers, and many of 3-4 meters, and to ensure that the upper and lower down to normal under the circumstances, the total length of the layer is in the same vertical line sleepers should not be stacked more than two meters.

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