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How to calculate the cost of steel sheet piles works

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If it is a simple channel, we can ton, first calculate the length, then the length of the basis weight.
It is an ordinary steel sheet piles in the end by playing the actual depth being calculated, or by calculation of the steel sheet piles long? Here shun force steel industry experts point out that according to the pile length to, you hit 5.5m and 6m are the same costing.
steel sheet piles
steel sheet piles construction:( Supplement common calculation includes all rental construction cycle)
1、calculated in accordance with the extension of rice, which is the perimeter, Larsen type 3, 1 meter extension two and a half. Convert a meter extension how much it costs.
2、in accordance with the tonnage to be converted, the proportion of type Larsen 3 60kg / m * 6m = 360kg a
3、the construction side will be calculated according to how much money one.
These quotations can be converted to each other, just offer a list of what format the Party, supervision needs nothing more.
Eventually converted into the total cost of the project according to the amount and duration and so on.

Z-shaped steel sheet piles cofferdam, according to the manufacture process can be divided into: hot / tensile steel sheet piling, cold-formed steel sheet piles. Now that the conditions and restrictions of production scale, the domestic hot-rolled steel sheet piles no production line of hot-rolled steel sheet piles used are from abroad. Common hot-rolled steel sheet piles manufacturers are Hyundai Steel, Nippon Steel, Sumitomo Steel, Japan's JFE Steel, as well as some manufacturers in Europe and America.


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