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How to check tie rods?


The tie rod derusting equipment can be used for high-efficiency flow operation, equipped with dust removal equipment, and automatically transported according to the set speed by electrical control, which provides protection for the thread part, improves efficiency and does not pollute the environment.


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What is the application environment of the tie rod?

Check the technical application of the tie rod

Cleaning program of the tie rod


What is the application environment of the tie rod?

Steel tie rod is generally used in electric power, construction industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, etc. according to different industries, steel tie rod needs to use shot blasting machine to remove rust, oxide scale and other impurities.

tie rod 

Check the technical application of the tie rod

The tie rod is also provided with a thread protection sleeve, which is matched with the thread of the steel tie rod to protect the thread part on the rod body. Equipped with accessories tooling, set on the roller, suitable for accessories and other small products.


The steel tie rod body is placed on the roller table according to a certain gap and quantity, and the derusting and shot blasting machine can feed 360 at a time to remove oil and rust; the thread protective sleeve can protect the thread part of the rod body; the special tooling is designed for small size products such as accessories, so as to realize the oil and rust removal of multiple pieces through the roller table at one time.

The advantage of the steel tie rod body is that it is placed on the roller table of the shot blasting machine according to certain rules, and the special tooling is designed for the parts, which can effectively protect the thread part, solve the problem of mass production of tie rod and small size products, improve the working environment, improve the production efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity.


Cleaning program of the tie rod

1. The hook type shot blasting machine can be used. This type of shot blasting equipment is more suitable for the rust removal and strengthening cleaning process of slender and thin-walled parts which are not suitable for collision.

2. It can be cleaned in batches at one time, as long as the steel tie rod is placed on the hook of the hook type shot blasting machine, and then, at the start button, the steel tie rod will enter the shot blasting room for shot blasting and rust removal.

3. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, it saves time and labor, and is more environmentally friendly, because the machine is equipped with an automatic dust collection system, which will not cause air fly ash and pollute the working site environment.

4. The price of such a tie rod shot blasting machine is about 30000-150000, because it can be customized according to the needs of each user. Different customized specifications and special production requirements are different, so the price deviation is relatively large.


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