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How to choose SSAW steel pipe?

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The use rate of SSAW steel pipe is relatively high, and the application range is very wide. How to choose before choosing should pay attention to the quality.

SSAW steel pipe

The first method is a more professional detection method, which is to detect by the strength of the pressure vessel.

Usually we use atmospheric pressure and water pressure to detect, so that we can detect the working conditions of SSAW steel pipes in a pressure working environment, and can also detect the tightness of spiral steel pipes. Generally, atmospheric pressure testing is adopted because it is safer and if water If the vapor pressure passes the test, the spiral tube after the water needs to be removed, which is more troublesome.

The second method is also relatively simple, which is to observe through the surface.

Use the naked eye to find the welding and size problems of the spiral steel pipe. If necessary, you can also compare the standard sample with the product to be compared to find the problem. Generally speaking, regular steel pipe companies are relatively complete in terms of production. On the other hand, they have to make metal pipes. If the sound is very crisp and the echo is not very dirty, then the name is the latest steel pipe instead of scrap steel recycling.

Both of these methods are commonly used. You can choose one method for testing. The safer method is best given to regular manufacturers, which can reduce abuse during use.

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